Using private label in your small business

using private label to improve your small business

What is private label

Private label production is made by a manufacturer who creates customized products for third parties to sell under their brand name. In other words, the manufacturer gives you some freedom to customize the formula or design of the product they will manufacture. The personalized product will be sold exclusively by the retailer/re-seller who ordered the product. In the end, you get an easier production while being able to do small customizations in the overall product.

Private label production can be the best of both worlds. You can produce a “generic” product, and opt for customizations that will make your product unique.This happens because the machinery for the production is already set, making it easier and faster to produce and also giving lower minimum order quantities while allowing you to personalize some aspects of the product.

What is a small business

A small business is a privately owned corporation with fewer employees or a smaller annual revenue when compared to big corporations. A small business can have as little as one employee (the small business owner) and can range up to a couple of dozens of employees, depending on the country they are located in.

The classification varies depending on the country they are located in and can depend on the number of employees, total revenue, number of sales, net profit, annual gross, or even assets. It’s sometimes an advantage for businesses to classify as small businesses, as they may qualify for government help, exemption of taxes, and other benefits.

How can private label help your small business

There are many advantages in adopting private label manufacturing as a small business owner, and retailers should consider starting their label brands to expand their product line while offering differentiation and sustainable alternatives to competitors.

Opting for private labels will allow brands to provide faster and better customer service, as the products can be stored in a warehouse and do not need to be outsourced from another supermarket or store. Nonetheless, it also allows retailers to have a higher profit margin, as they do not need to outsource their competitors and can sell the products to the consumers for less, being more competitive in the market and the most attractive option among their competitors.

It can be hard to find a manufacturer, but wonnda has made sure to gather all the best European manufacturers in one place! Write your product request on the website, and let us do the hard work.

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Are you interested in producing your private label products in Europe but don’t know how to get your production up and running? Whether you’re an aspiring startup entrepreneur with an innovative product idea or an existing retailer looking to diversify your assortment with your products, launching your brand through a private label or contract manufacturing could be just the step you need to take your business to the next level.

Here at wonnda, we work with top European producers for private labeling and contract manufacturing. The first step in getting your product to market is probably the most crucial – finding the right production partner for your project. The great advantage of is that you can let us do the heavy lifting. Just tell us quickly about your project or product idea. We will then approach the most suitable producers for your project and connect you with them. Sounds interesting? Then fill out the form!

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