How does Sample Ordering Work?

Updated on May 19, 2023
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In this article

Sample ordering in private labeling has been rising recently, with an increasing number of companies opting to create and sell their own branded products. However, to succeed in this competitive market, it is crucial to have a solid strategy in place, including careful consideration of sample orders. This step ensures that the end products will meet the brand’s standards and resonate well with their target audience, aligning quality with customer expectations.

What are Product Samples?

Product samples are compact versions of a product that businesses offer to potential customers, letting them try out the product before buying the full version. These come in various forms like mini-packages, one-time use pouches, or smaller-sized amounts. Samples are frequently found in the consumer goods sector, especially in areas like cosmetics, food and beverages, and household products.

Private Label Samples

Private labeling involves a manufacturer producing customized items for third parties to brand and sell as their own. This means the manufacturer allows you to decide on the product’s formula, design, or other custom aspects. This tailored item is then exclusively sold by the retailer or re-seller who commissioned it. This setup offers the advantage of hassle-free manufacturing while allowing for distinct customizations in packaging and formula.

Private label products strike a balance between convenience and uniqueness. While the production infrastructure is already in place, making it faster and more efficient, there’s room for personal touches. This also often means lower minimum order requirements.

However, private label samples may come at a cost for the retailer. Given the custom nature of the production, creating a sample might be expensive for the manufacturer. As a result, the retailer typically bears the sample’s production and shipping expenses.

White Label Samples

White labeling means making basic products that can be sold to many different stores or businesses. These products can then be branded or labeled by those businesses as if they made it themselves. However, only simple changes like adding a logo, changing the color, or adjusting the packaging are allowed.

In simple terms, a white label product, comparred to private label product, is made in large amounts by one company and sold to other businesses. These businesses then put their own brand on the product and sell it to their customers. The actual product doesn’t change – only the branding does.

Getting samples of white-label products is easier than getting samples of custom-made products. This is because white-label products are always the same, so samples are usually ready to go. On the other hand, custom-made products (like private label ones) need to be made according to what the business wants, which takes more time. For white-label products, a company can just take an item they already made and send it as a sample to show what it looks like.

How can Brands Order Samples Through Wonnda?

1. Create an Account

Start by signing up on the Wonnda platform. This registration helps ensure that all interactions and transactions are secure. Provide the necessary details, including your brand name, contact information, and other relevant details.

2. Log In

Use your login details to get into your account. Once you’re in, you’ll see the main dashboard of Wonnda where all the features and interactions happen.

3. Explore Products and Easily Order Samples

After logging in, you can find the sample shop by clicking on the menu located on the left side of your main page. You can also explore a range of various products from different manufacturers to find what you’re looking for. Designed for user-friendly navigation, the platform lets you easily filter or search to match your requirements.

4. Check Out

Proceed to the checkout page where you’ll be asked to provide your shipping details. Fill in your payment information and before finalizing the payment, double-check all details to ensure that everything is correct, then click “pay now.”

5. Receive Your Samples

After placing your order, Wonnda handles all the shipping details to make sure your samples get to you on time. When you receive them, it’s important to closely check the samples for quality, how well they fit with your brand, and any other important features you’re looking for. If you find things that could be better, share your feedback with the manufacturer to help improve the products.

The Benefits of Ordering Samples Through Wonnda

Wonnda’s sample feature is great for brands that want to get products from top manufacturers. It makes the whole process faster, cheaper, and ensures good quality products. For manufacturers, it’s a golden opportunity to spotlight their goods and offer samples to prospective clients.

For buyers, sampling offers a valuable advantage. It allows them to verify the product’s quality and spot any potential issues upfront, which saves them from having issues with large orders later on. It’s like a safety check to make sure the product is just right and fits what the brand and customers want.

Also, getting samples helps businesses build a good working relationship with the people who make the product. It shows that the business cares about getting things right and helps everyone understand what needs to be done. From a money point of view, trying samples first helps businesses manage their budgets wisely by avoiding spending a lot on large orders that might not meet their needs. Ordering samples can also create excitement about a product and be used for marketing, like in reviews or demo videos.

How Manufacturers Can Make Their Samples Available in the Sample Shop

For manufacturers, showcasing samples in the sample shop is very easy. First, they need to set up a profile on Wonnda’s platform, providing information about their company and product offerings. After adding their products, manufacturers can activate the “order sample” feature for selected items with a quick click. When a brand requests a sample, we get notified and manage the shipment straight to the brand.

By featuring their samples on the sample shop, manufacturers tap into a broader customer base, making their products more visible and accessible. The intuitive platform allows brands to find and order samples seamlessly.

When a brand orders a sample on Wonnda, a new project automatically starts, making it easy for them to talk and work with the manufacturer. This system helps both the brand and the manufacturer keep track of the sampling process and see how the project is moving along. Brands can tell manufacturers what they need directly in the project space, so there’s no need for lots of emails or calls. This easy process helps brands and manufacturers work better together, leading to better products and quicker launches.

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