Maximize Profits: Top 15 Trending Products to Sell on Shopify

Updated on April 14, 2023
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In this article

The modern e-commerce landscape is increasingly competitive, yet full of potential. For brands aiming to distinguish themselves and create lasting customer loyalty, opting for a private label strategy can be a game-changer. Platforms like Wonnda and Shopify make this process easier and more efficient than ever before. Let’s delve into the advantages of private label production, the benefits of “Made in Europe” products, and how Wonnda and Shopify can supercharge your brand’s success.

Understanding Private Label Production

Private label production offers a significant advantage over white label and contract manufacturing. In white label production, you’re selling generic products under your brand name. Although this approach might offer a faster entry to the market, it provides little room for differentiation.

In contrast, contract manufacturing lets you produce custom products, but the process can be complex, often requiring substantial time and resource investment. It might also involve transferring your proprietary knowledge to third-party manufacturers, which could pose risks.

Private label production bridges the gap between these two models. It allows brands to produce custom products under their name, offering a perfect blend of customization and brand ownership. With private labeling, you maintain complete control over the product’s quality, branding, and marketing, setting your brand apart from competitors.

The “Made in Europe” Advantage

Made in Europe Products have long been associated with high-quality products and craftsmanship, which can add substantial value to your brand. Producing in Europe also offers logistical advantages such as shorter supply chains, easier communication due to less time-zone differences, and lower shipping costs. Furthermore, European manufacturers adhere to stringent standards for product quality, worker safety, and environmental protection, aligning with consumers’ growing focus on ethical and sustainable consumption.

The Top 15 Trending Products to Sell on Shopify

Discover the top Shopify products that are currently trending in Europe. These key product categories can help brands sourcing and launching new product lines through the Wonnda platform.

Absolutely, let’s expand on each product and add a call to action.

1. Sustainable Activewear

Consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, driving a high demand for sustainable activewear created from recycled materials on Shopify. If you’re a brand passionate about the environment and fitness, now is the time to partner with a manufacturer who shares your vision. Start sourcing your sustainable activewear line today.

2. Intelligent Home Devices

Smart home technology is advancing rapidly, sparking consumer interest in connected and efficient devices. If your brand is eager to tap into the Internet of Things trend, explore innovative manufacturers on our platform and start developing your smart home device product line.

3. Reusable Food Containers

Environmentally-friendly initiatives are sweeping across consumer trends, with Shopify shoppers seeking reusable food storage solutions. Brands can answer the call by sourcing reusable container products from responsible manufacturers. It’s time to make a stand against single-use plastics!

4. Organic Skincare Merchandise

The clean beauty movement has skyrocketed the demand for organic skincare products on Shopify. If your brand champions health and well-being, consider partnering with a manufacturer specializing in natural, non-toxic ingredients. Create your organic skincare line now and offer consumers the natural products they crave.

5. Wireless Earbuds

The world is going wireless, and consumers are looking for high-quality earbuds that offer superb sound and convenience. Tap into this trend by finding a manufacturer to create your brand’s unique wireless earbuds on our platform.

6. Pet Accessories

The pet care market is booming on Shopify, with pet owners in search of stylish and functional accessories. Seize this opportunity to start sourcing a variety of pet products from reliable manufacturers. Your customers’ furry friends will thank you!

7. Eco-conscious Travel Accessories

Sustainable travel is a burgeoning trend among Shopify users. If your brand caters to conscious globetrotters, now is the time to connect with manufacturers offering eco-friendly travel accessories. Start your sustainable travel product line today.

8. Compact Home Fitness Equipment

As the home workout trend rises with remote work, compact fitness equipment has emerged as a top seller. If your brand targets health-conscious consumers, find a manufacturer to create versatile fitness equipment that fits in any space. Help your customers stay fit at home.

9. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a hit among Shopify users for its uniqueness and sentimental value. Connect with manufacturers who can provide customizable jewelry options for your brand. Start offering personalized pieces that make your customers feel special.

10. Organic Baby Products

As parents become more conscious of their children’s products, the demand for organic baby items is growing. If your brand has a soft spot for the little ones, it’s time to source natural, gentle, and safe baby products from trustworthy manufacturers. Start prioritizing the youngest members of your customers’ families.

11. Plant-based Nutritional Products

Plant-based lifestyles are flourishing, increasing the demand for relevant food and supplements. If your brand supports this healthy, sustainable lifestyle, source plant-based nutritional products now. Cater to your vegan and vegetarian customers by offering them a range of options.

12. Do-It-Yourself Craft Kits

Creative hobbies are becoming increasingly popular, making DIY craft kits a hot commodity. If your brand encourages creativity, find a manufacturer who can create engaging DIY craft kits. Let’s inspire your customers to express their creativity.

13. Gaming Accessories

The gaming industry is continually expanding, with gamers always in pursuit of the latest accessories. If your brand speaks to the gaming community, it’s time to connect with manufacturers who can create high-tech gaming accessories. Enhance your customers’ gaming experiences with cutting-edge products.

14. Outdoor Adventure Equipment

Outdoor enthusiasts demand high-quality gear for their adventures. If your brand embodies the spirit of adventure, find manufacturers specializing in robust outdoor gear. Equip your customers for their next adventure.

15. Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products are gaining popularity as consumers look for environmentally friendly alternatives. If your brand believes in a cleaner, greener home, it’s time to source eco-friendly cleaning products. Help your customers keep their homes clean and safe while caring for the environment.

Capitalize on the Winning Combo: Wonnda and Shopify for Streamlined Sourcing and Sales

Maximizing profits on Shopify starts with sourcing top-quality products from trusted manufacturers. Wonnda provides an efficient digital solution for this, enabling you to connect with the right European manufacturers for your product lines seamlessly.

Harnessing Wonnda: Connecting Brands and European Manufacturers

Wonnda specializes in connecting brands with trusted suppliers in the consumer goods industry, focusing on “Made in Europe” products. Its growing network of verified suppliers ensures you’re always in business with the industry’s best.

Streamlined Process: High Match Rate and Sample Ordering

Wonnda’s impressive over 80% match rate between buyers and suppliers epitomizes the platform’s effectiveness. Furthermore, it offers a straightforward sample ordering process, allowing you to assess product quality directly within the platform.

Collaborative Suite: Enabling Efficient Product Launch

Wonnda’s collaborative software suite eliminates miscommunications and errors, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective product launch.

Selling on Shopify: From Sourcing to Sales

After sourcing with Wonnda, Shopify offers the perfect platform for selling your products. It provides a comprehensive commerce solution, enabling you to manage your online store, inventory, payments, and shipping effectively. With the combined power of Wonnda and Shopify, you’re set to source efficiently and sell successfully.

Leverage the Winning Combination: Private Label Production with Wonnda and Shopify

In the competitive world of e-commerce, it’s imperative to optimize both your sourcing and selling processes. Wonnda and Shopify are the perfect duo to help you achieve this. They offer a smooth end-to-end journey from sourcing quality products to launching them on a popular online platform.

Private Label vs. White Label and Contract Manufacturing

Private label production is a unique approach that lets your brand shine. Unlike white label production, which may offer quick market entry but lacks differentiation, or contract manufacturing, which requires substantial resource investment, private label strikes a perfect balance. It allows you to maintain complete control over product quality, branding, and marketing, leading to a product line that truly represents your brand and stands out from the competition.

The ‘Made in Europe’ Edge

Sourcing from Europe carries a seal of quality and craftsmanship, providing your brand with a competitive edge. Additionally, European production boasts logistical advantages like shorter supply chains and reduced shipping costs. Moreover, European manufacturers adhere to stringent standards for product quality, worker safety, and environmental sustainability, aligning with today’s consumer preferences.

Streamlining with Wonnda and Shopify

Combining Wonnda’s sourcing capabilities with Shopify’s selling power results in an efficient, holistic business solution. Wonnda connects brands with a network of reliable European manufacturers, simplifying private label production. Shopify, on the other hand, provides a user-friendly platform that can reach millions of customers worldwide.

By harnessing the power of these platforms, you’re equipped to navigate the e-commerce landscape successfully, focusing on creating and selling products your customers love while enjoying the process.

Create your next product line with Wonnda

Our platform lets you source, launch, and scale your product line with over 250 trusted European suppliers. So whether you’re looking to request products from our private label catalog of over 1,500 items or develop custom products from scratch, Wonnda has everything you need to get started. Best of all, it’s free to start today!

Set up your account in less than 3 minutes and begin your journey with Wonnda. Unlock endless possibilities for your business, bring new products to market and streamline your sourcing process from idea to launch on one single platform.

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