7 Easy Tips to Make Your Business More Eco-friendly

Updated on February 6, 2023
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In this article

Why should your business be more eco-friendly?

Nowadays, consumers have become increasingly mindful of business activity and expect good environmental practices. As a business owner in 2023, climate change more than ever affects how your business operates and produces. The commitment to make your private label manaufacturing or contract manufacturing business more environmentally friendly will not only feel impactful but also show your customers that you are aware of your corporate responsibility. Even if your changes are minor, your customers will see and appreciate them. Get started with these 7 tips to make your business more eco-friendly.

7 Tips to be More Eco-friendly

1. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

One of the best ways to make your business greener is by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. Start with reducing: consider swapping out items like disposable cups or plates for reusable glass or ceramic versions. For coffee lovers, instead of regular pods, explore options with sustainable coffee capsules manufacturers to provide eco-friendly alternatives. Another smart step is to cut down on paper waste. Encourage staff to print less and, when they do, to use both sides of the paper. If you can’t reduce or reuse, then make sure to recycle. Set up bins for sorting waste, and when it comes to electronics, remember they’re vital to recycle properly. Old tech can be donated to local charities or organizations, giving them a second life and helping the environment.

2. Offer Remote Work

The pandemic showed that employees often do not need to enter the office to complete their work. Moreover, as more work gets done online, employees can enjoy better work-life flexibility and save time otherwise spent commuting. Remote work has the benefit of reducing cars on the road, leading to fewer carbon dioxide emissions in the air. Furthermore, fewer people in the office mean that your business can save water and energy that usually goes along with heating and lighting the workplace.

3. Save Water

A significant step to becoming a more environmentally friendly business is saving water, which not only benefits the environment but also saves your company money. You can learn how to reduce your water footprint by consulting a plumbing expert. In many cases, offices have leaky faucets, leading to wasted water. Make sure you fix the damage if this is happening. Additionally, consider switching to eco cleaning products that are effective without harming the environment. If possible, you could install a water butt outside your business collecting rainwater which you can use for your plants and flushing the toilets. This way, you’re conserving water and promoting sustainability in more than one area of your business.

4. Encourage Green Transport

Of course, no amount of digital meetings can replace physical interaction. If your employees decide to go to the office, encourage them to use greener means of transportation for their commute. Your business can create incentives for using public transport. Another possibility could be to create a cycling initiative where you offer your employees discounts on bikes and equipment, making it easier for them to choose the bike instead of the car, as biking also has many health benefits. Another idea could be car sharing or the creation of a company-wide carpool. The most important thing to do is to make sure that green transport becomes affordable and attractive.

5. Plant Trees

An easy but effective way to fight pollution is to support the ecosystem by planting trees. Trees transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, leading to improved air quality for everyone. Moreover, plants have a calming effect on human psychology, creating a better working climate. Planting trees can also be a powerful and meaningful team-building project for you and your employees. It is less of an effort than other projects and has the additional benefit of making your business appear nicer visually.

6. Upgrade Old Appliances with Energy-efficient Ones

In many cases, saving the planet can help your business to save money. By using energy-efficient appliances, your company does not only shrink its carbon footprint but also its energy bill. Using energy-efficient appliances is easier than you might think: Your business can move to LED lights, supply your staff with laptops instead of desktop computers, and use smart technology for lighting and heating. Start with an energy check on your electronic items to see which ones are most beneficial for energy use.

7. Work with Green Suppliers

Reducing your carbon footprint can start by collaborating with sustainable packaging suppliers and other vendors dedicated to eco-friendly practices. Working with local suppliers who prioritize sustainability is a proactive move, aligning with the current demand for green business operations. While carbon-neutral vendors are emerging across industries, finding the right sustainable business partner might be daunting.

This is where Wonnda can help. Just tell us about your product idea, and we’ll connect you with the right sustainable manufacturer. We’ll take care of the tricky parts, making sure your product is made in a green way. Tell us what you want, and we’ll help make it happen in an eco-friendly manner.

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