Private label products: How long does their production take?

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In this article, we will cover the topic of private label products and how long their production takes and what does this type of production process entail.

Aside from the production period we will also cover the differences between private label products and white label products, as well as custom manufacturing, so you can make an informed decision on what is best for your brand.

Private label packaging and products

First, let us explain the main differences between the following three product manufacturing options:

  • private label
  • white label
  • contract manufacturing

Private label production

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A private label corresponds to a manufacturer who creates customized products for third parties to sell under their brand. In other words, the manufacturer gives you the freedom to choose the formula, customization, or design of the product they are going to produce for your brand.

This personalized product will then be sold exclusively by the retailer/re-seller who ordered the product. The production is easier for you as a brand, but you are also able to do small customizations to your packaging and formula.

Private label production can be considered to be the best of both worlds. You go the easier way of producing a somewhat generic product, while the option to make customizations and to make your product unique is also available. In other words, the machinery and processes for production are already set, making it easier and faster to produce. Moreover, lower minimum order quantities are provided while giving you the opportunity to personalize certain aspects of your product.

It is important to mention that the production time of private label products is somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks.

Given that most of the processes are already prepared, aside from the customizable ones, it is understandable why this period is relatively short, especially compared to custom manufacturing. Another thing to take into account is where the products are manufactured and to include also the shipping time.

If this is something that suits your needs and wishes, make sure to reach out to wonnda and let our team know how they can help! Any doubts, questions or product wishes that you may have, feel free to let us know, and we will guide you through the process of starting your own private label product line!

White label production

White-label production is the cheapest kind of production and also the easiest one. In this process, all the necessary machinery is already set for production, and no customizations need to be made. This means that the production is a lot faster than private label production or contract manufacturing.

White-label production usually takes only between 2 and 8 weeks, making it extremely fast-paced.

If you are new to owning a brand and starting your own line and don’t have a big budget, white-label production might be just for you! You can also include generic packaging that is only missing the branding.

It is obvious that private label and white label products can be similar, but there key differences between them consist of the product and packaging customization aspect.

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Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing has the highest cost of them all, as well as a longer production-phase time since all the production line is completely individualized for that one product.

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The time of the production depends on the kind of product and can take up to a year in total.

This is the most expensive option, and most of the time, the product that you want to launch doesn’t need that level and extent of customization and can be made cheaper through other abovementioned kinds of production.

What are the next steps?

There are numerous product ideas and a good amount of manufacturers that can make your idea work. Depending on your industry, interest, and expertise, it is completely up to you to build a product and put it out on the market. But we know it is not so easy to get started, therefore, you should visit us at and get inspired by the numerous products that are listed on our website.

Whether you are an aspiring startup entrepreneur with an innovative product idea or an existing retailer looking to diversify your assortment with your own products, launching your own brand through a private label, white label, or contract manufacturing could be just the step you need to take your business to the next level.

Here at wonnda, we work with top European producers for private labelling and contract manufacturing. The first step in getting your product to the market is probably the most crucial – finding the right production partner for your project. The great advantage of is that you can simply let us do the heavy lifting. Just tell us quickly about your project or product idea, and we will then approach the most suitable producers for your project and connect you with them.

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