Sustainable beauty: how to make your makeup routine zero waste

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The sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability started as a trend in some parts of the world that some people adopted, and many more rejected. But as the subject of global warming became more popularly spoken and became a trending topic, many households around the world adopted a lifestyle that has in mind the future of the planet.

Did you know there are, now, 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean? That means 46.000 pieced in every single square mile of the ocean, summing up to 269.000 tonnes. The beauty industry alone is responsible for 120 billion single-use packagings every year, which ends up in a landfill, and is one of the big responsible for plastic pollution worldwide.

As people started to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, they also started to search for zero waste replacements for their beloved beauty items that otherwise would be disposable. This has caused a worldwide movement that forces big private label brands to will either try and make their already existing best-selling products more ecological or will offer an “eco” alternative for their customers, in order to not lose sales.

What does “sustainable beauty” mean anyway?

A recent study of 23,000 beauty shoppers found almost half (48%) are looking for more information and clarity about brands’ values and commitments to the environment. In fact, 61% of us struggle to tell if hair and skincare products are ethical from the packaging. And the immense amount of green-bait marketing in this industry doesn’t make anything easier. How is the customer supposed to know if this brand is actually sustainable and mindful of the environment, or if they just stamped “zero-this” and “zero-that” on their labels in order to sell more?

Sustainable beauty are those brands and products that are concerned about the environment and make an effort to make themselves as zero waste as possible. Green cosmetics are those using natural ingredients produced from renewed raw materials. Essentially, it means “products that do no harm”.

Where to start?

Now there are more eco-friendly products than ever and is easy to swap your conventional makeup for them. Here are some products to introduce to your beauty routine that will make your life greener!

Refillable packaging

Products with refill are a win-win situation. The brand gets to spend less with packaging and the customer gets to spend less, since you only need to buy the refill when the product is over.

Multi-use products

Nothing better than buying an all-in-one product that will serve you many purposes. It saves money and space, and is perfect for travelling! Many private label brands are exploring multi-use alternatives. Blushes that serve as lipstick, lipstick that serves as eyeshadow, and glitter you can use anywhere.

Washable products

Why buy a single-use item – that might be cheaper short-term but definitely adds up long term – that will be tossed after one time, when you can buy a reusable option, wash it in your house and have it forever?

Buy local

The zero-waste trend has opened a space in the market for small brands to feed the created demand. Small entrepreneurs have taken the opportunity to open small local businesses that offer eco-friendly options, – usually, costlier – that often bigger multinational industries are incapable of offering.

This, added to the appreciation that people have for small businesses and shopping local, has guaranteed small private label brands a space in the very competitive industry. Choosing local small private label brands is one of the most sustainable decisions you can make, as it gives back to the community.

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