The 5 best European countries to produce eyewear

eyewear production in europe

The eyewear industry

The eyewear market is one of the most promising markets in the world. Made out of stylish sunglasses, spectacles, contact lenses and other eyewear products, estimated to be around 140 billion euros in 2020. Like every other market, it suffered a fall after the pandemic, but it quicky recovered itself, expecting to reach 197.2 billion euros in 2027.

Fact is, everyone loves eyewear, let them be a necessity, such as spectacles and prescription glasses, or even contact lenses, or stylish accessories that have the power to transform every outfit. Sunglasses are statement pieces, and the market is full of the most different models, shapes and colors, to attend every taste.

The ideal production for your product

Private label

A private label corresponds to a manufacturer who creates customized products for third parties to sell under their brand. In other words, the manufacturer gives you the freedom to choose the formula, customization, or design of the product they manufacture for your brand. This personalized product will then be sold exclusively by this one retailer/re-seller who ordered the product. You get ease in the production while being able to do small customizations in your packaging and formula.

Private label production is the best of both worlds. You get the ease of producing a “generic” product, with the option to make customizations and to make your product unique. In other words, the machinery for the production is already set, making it easier and faster to produce, and giving also lower minimum order quantities, while giving you the opportunity to personalize some aspects of the product.

White label

White-label production is the cheapest kind of production, but also the easiest. In this process, all the necessary machinery is already set for production, and no customizations need to be made, making it so that the production is a lot faster than a private label or contract manufacturing. If you are a beginner and don’t have a huge budget, search into white-labeling production for generic packaging that is only missing the branding. Private labels and white labels can be similar but there key differences between them.

The best countries to produce eyewear


Italy is by far the most known country for eyewear, and one of the best places to produce glasses. The Italian eyewear sector is a leading global industry, and home to some of the biggest brands worldwide. In 2020, the eyewear market in Italy summed to 3.8 billion euros, of which 2.2 billion were due to exportations to other countries, and has been steadily growing for years, with prospects to continue increasing for the next decade. The main export from Italy is France, which imports mainly fashion eyewear, followed by Germany, which imports mostly Italian optical frames for prescription glasses.

Italy is home to more than 9000 optical shops, and the domestic value of eyewear in Italy sums up to more than 1.6 Billion euros every year, being one of the most popular industries in the country. In 2020 the industry suffered a fall, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but recovered in the following years.

Italian people are known for being some of the most fashionable people out there, and dictate many trends for the rest of Europe and the world. From subtle cat eyes, to colorful frames, mega lenses straight out of the 90s, everything is possible in the hands of a trendy and fashion italian icon.


Germany is the expert on the segment of spectacle lenses and prescription eyewear, with a market volume of USD4.12 B in 2022. One of the biggest producers and exporters of eyewear, Germany is one of the best places to start production of eyewear in Europe, with a stable market and expertise on the production of prescription eyewear. By the year of 2022, 85% of the sales in eyewear market will be attributable to non-luxury goods.

In germany, 40 million people, two thirds of the population, wear glasses. Of those, they own, on average, 3.7 pairs of glasses, and tend to buy a new model of glasses every three years. Germans will be the ones to experiment with new intricate designs and different shapes, not afraid to express themselves. Glasses can completely change someone’s face and can be a subtle but powerful accent piece, transforming the most basic outfits.


France is part of the sunglasses team, along Italy, and is one of the most promising markets for production of eyewear. French people are known for their style and taste for high-end fashion, and have no problem paying a little more for the perfect model of glasses. In france, the prices of glasses can be as much as 250% inflated, when compared to other countries.

If your idea is a high-end and good quality fashion eyewear line, it’s ideal to start your production in France, and Wonnda can help you find the best manufacturer to bring your idea into reality.


The dutch people may not be know for the stylish high end fashion like france, or for the use of spectacles like germany, but the netherlands sure is one of the best countries to start your production of eyewear. The focus on the netherlands is non-luxury eyewear, and the market is expected to grow 14% in 2023, summing up to a volume of 71.2 million pieces by 2025. For a country with 17 million people, that sure is a market full of potential and with high expectations for the future.

The per-person-revenue is of USD 91.56, higher than both italy and germany, two of the biggest producers and exporters of eyewear.


The warmest country in europe, Spain is an interesting country to produce and sell eyewear. In a place with so much sun and heat, sunglasses are an essential statement piece. Spanish people are expressive and creative, known for their style and tan skin, and love a good pair of sunglasses.

The market is stable, and expected to show a volume growth of 27.8% in 2023. Very different from the other countries, the volume-per-person is arounf 0.2 pieces in 2022.

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