3 useful sustainable materials to incorporate into your everyday life

Sustainability and aiming to become more sustainable in everyday life have become an essential part of many people’s lives. Continuos awareness is being raised about the harmful long-term effects of single-use plastics, products that are not biodegradable, and many more. Here are three sustainable materials that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

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Among the best sustainable materials, wood is definitely on the list. It is also one of the oldest sustainable materials to exist. In addition, wood is a renewable source. It is also an extremely durable material, making it a fantastic alternative for most household products that are often made out of plastic.

Many people have started changing their plastic household items to wooden household items in recent years. For example, something as simple as a toothbrush, which is often made out of plastic, is now being created from wood, thus making a difference in the product’s biodegradability and the length of use of the product.

It is essential to mention that wood has to be resourced responsibly to avoid causing adverse long-term effects on nature, such as habitat destruction.


Bamboo has become one of the most sought-after sustainable materials in manufacturing and product development. Bamboo is easy to grow, biodegradable, and doesn’t require pesticides during bamboo cultivation.

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Bamboo is used to make all kinds of products, from t-shirts to kitchenware, thus making it extremely useful in making your living more sustainable.


Last but not least, we have coconut. Aside from being famous as a food product, coconuts are also being used as a sustainability material.

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Coconuts are a zero-waste material, considering their shell can be used fully. It is also a no-toxin product because there is no need to use any glue or chemicals when transforming a coconut shell into a usable bowl, for example. Coconuts can be used as a construction material, but they are also often used for homeware and kitchenware. This, along with their biodegradability, is what makes coconut the perfect sustainability material!

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