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The creator economy continues to evolve. This year has seen a significant shift towards more authentic and meaningful connections between influencers and their audiences. And at the heart of this trend? The rise of influencer brands – meaning influencers who launch their own product line.

The Shift towards Influencer Brands

It’s not just about a well-placed advertisement anymore. Consumers today desire genuine connections, and influencer brands represent a perfect blend of trust and trendiness. They provide a unique space where followers feel an intimate bond with influencers, transcending the traditional brand-consumer relationship. This bond is not just powerful; it’s the core reason for the growing popularity of influencer brands. Moreover, with the rise of this trend, private-label ideas for influencers have become a crucial avenue for influencers to explore and capitalize on.

Ultimate List of 10+ Trending Influencer Brands

1. HEY SAHNI by Lisa Doehl

Hey Sahni by Lisa Doehl - Influencer brand from germany

From Melbourne’s Love for Coffee to Berlin’s Green Push

Lisa Doehl, a well-known lifestyle influencer from Germany, recently launched her own influencer brand. Lisa, who once worked as a coffee maker in Melbourne, started her brand HEY SAHNI after seeing how popular reusable cups were in Australia. When she moved back to Berlin, she missed seeing these cups everywhere. So, she made her own stainless steel cups under her own brand called HEY SAHNI. These cups, named after her nickname ‘Sahni’, keep drinks hot or cold for a long time. They’re not just handy; they’re also stylish and good for the planet. With HEY SAHNI, Lisa hopes to bring a bit of Melbourne’s coffee love to Berlin and help the environment.

2. ORIMEI BEAUTY by Victoria Swarovski

Celebrating Real Beauty Naturally

Famous influencer and “Let’s Dance” host, Victoria Swarovski, launched ORIMEI in 2021, turning her dream of a clean beauty line into reality. Victoria, a popular figure from Austria, wanted to launch a beauty brand with products that addressed common skin issues while enhancing natural glow. Her busy lifestyle with constant makeup, travel, and spotlights affected her skin, making it sensitive and prone to flaws. ORIMEI BEAUTY is definitely a brand we’ll hear a lot in the future and may be one of the rising stars amongst German skincare brands. These personal challenges drove her to create ORIMEI, where every product has her personal touch. Working closely with experts, she guarantees the best quality for ORIMEI, aiming to offer real solutions she believes in and hopes to share with others.

3. PHLOV by Anna Lewandowska’s

PHLOV By Anna Lewandowska - influencer brand from Poland
Source: PHLOV

More Than Just Skincare

Anna Lewandowska, a versatile Polish star known for her accomplishments in sports, business, and media, launched her own influencer brand called PHLOV— a game-changer in skincare. PHLOV, pronounced “flow,” stands for a state of complete focus and joy. It’s not just a skincare brand; it aims to uplift your mood too. The brand champions a less-waste approach, combining current global trends with the latest science. Unique to PHLOV is its inspiration from the BRAIN-SKIN link—a two-way communication between the skin and brain. This insight led to products that engage all senses, making skincare a daily celebration. PHLOV boasts of innovative ingredients like birch and yakon root juices, fermented minerals, and adaptogens. With many skincare trends evolving, PHLOV’s products are adapting to a fast-growing market and is an ideal influencer brand other content creators can learn from.

4. CHIARA FERRAGNI BRAND by Chiara Ferragni

Fashion, Pop, and an Iconic Eye

Started in 2013 by its muse and CEO, Chiara Ferragni, this influencer brand initially made waves with its pop-fashion shoes. Quickly, it grew, adding clothing and accessories, all marked with its distinctive eye logo. By 2016, the brand’s global footprint was evident with pop-up stores in cities from Paris to Taiwan. 2017 was another milestone, seeing flagship store launches in style hubs like Milan and Shanghai. Beyond fashion, Chiara Ferragni stands for positivity and shared joy, both online and off. Representing modern, dynamic, and empowered women, it’s a brand that resonates globally.

5. LEMISS by Julia Wieniawa

Where Nature Meets Urban Elegance

Introducing LEMISS, a brand founded by the talented Polish actress and singer Julia Marta Wieniawa alongside Roma Janota. Seamlessly weaving active living with holistic wellness, LEMISS is where nature’s tranquility meets urban rhythm. Their collection, resonating with nature’s palette, offers both minimalistic designs and unparalleled comfort. Every garment stands for sustainable fashion, meticulously crafted from eco-certified and recycled materials. More than just a clothing line, LEMISS is a movement advocating health, harmony, and a community-driven metamorphosis.

6. MLE by Katarzyna Tusk

screely 1692712852881
Screenshot by

Crafting Timeless Polish Elegance with Local Expertise

MLE is not just another clothing brand; it’s a statement of authentic Polish craftsmanship. Founded by Katarzyna Tusk, a leading voice in Poland’s blogging sphere through “Make Life Easier”, the influencer brand MLE is rooted in timeless minimalism. Collaborating closely with local tailors, MLE harnesses the knowledge of these artisans to produce clothing that finds the sweet spot between quality and affordability. The curated collections, limited in number, boast materials like top-notch cotton, silk, and merino wool. Rejecting fleeting fashion fads, MLE focuses on the essentials, crafting foundational pieces designed to elevate the modern woman’s wardrobe.

7. NATURALLY PAM by Pamela Reif

The “Never Sweating Phenomenon” Crafting a Vibrant Fitness Lifestyle

For over a decade, Pamela Reif of Karlsruhe (Germany) has been an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Pamela Reif clearly knows how to build a fitness brand. Many recognize her from YouTube’s sweat-free workout sessions, while others might’ve glimpsed her radiant energy on city billboards. But Pamela’s mission extends beyond her familiar face. She’s a relentless innovator, diversifying the fitness journey with daily Insta Stories, home workout plans, tantalizing recipes through her app and cookbooks, and wholesome snacks via Naturally Pam. With Pamela, fitness isn’t just routine—it’s a flavorful, fun-filled adventure.

8. SAMION by Sarah Harrison

screely 1692712981040
Source: Samion

A Trust-Fueled Journey from Dream to Reality

Over the past decade, Sarah Harrison, a renowned German influencer and web video producer, decided to bring her vision to life. The result? Samion – a skincare brand deeply rooted in authenticity, sustainability, and efficacy. More than just a product line, Samion is the culmination of heart, soul, and countless hours of dedication. Through economic, ecological, and social responsibility, the brand promises not only natural skincare that delights its users but also stands as a testament to trust, friendship, and unwavering commitment. This results in working with sustainable packaging suppliers and focus the manufacturing process on high quality products. With Samion, Sarah brings her fans more than just skincare; she offers a piece of her dream.

7. ROUJE by Jeanne Damas

From Parisian Café Observations to Rouje

Growing up among the vibrant chatter of her parents’ Bastille restaurant, Jeanne Damas was a quiet observer of the diverse Parisian lives unfolding before her. This lively backdrop seeded the inception of Rouje in 2016. Collaborating with a close circle of creative allies, Damas meticulously curates collections season after season, capturing the essence of femininity in clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Influenced by the women she’s encountered, Rouje isn’t just a brand but a celebration of women’s individuality. Beyond fashion, it champions women’s rights, backing charities and initiatives like La Maison des femmes of Saint-Denis.

8. AIME by Mathilde Lacombe

screely 1692713190985

A Synergy of Inner Health and Outer Beauty

AIME, founded by Mathilde Lacombe and François Morrier in France, celebrates beauty that begins beneath the surface. Mathilde’s transformative skincare journey inspired the brand’s ethos, emphasizing the intrinsic connection between internal health and external radiance. By merging nutrition, supplementation, and skincare, AIME offers a holistic approach that embodies self-love radiating from the inside out.

9. HONIEH by Erika Boldrin

Organic Skincare Reflecting True Beauty

With a deep commitment to vegan and holistic values, the Italian influencer Erika Boldrin introduced Honieh—a collection of natural, organic, and vegan beauty products. These formulations enhance physical beauty and are a testament to the belief that true radiance stems from within. As we nourish our heart and mind, Honieh products ensure that our skin reflects that inner health and confidence.

The Rise of Influencer Brands Transforming Beauty and Fashion

The fashion and beauty landscapes are undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the surge of influencer-led brands. These influencers are leveraging their vast reach to redefine standards, emphasizing authenticity, holistic well-being, and individuality. Their ventures highlight a pivotal shift from traditional commercial offerings to products resonating deeply with personal values and lifestyles. In this context, reasons to launch your own products as an influencer have become more compelling than ever. They’re not just introducing products but sculpting a new narrative in the beauty and fashion sectors.

How to Start Your Own Influencer Brand?

Starting an influencer brand requires a strategic approach to content creation and audience engagement. If you are an influencer and want to start your own brand, begin by identifying a niche that aligns with your expertise or passion and ensures it has market demand. Research keywords related to your chosen field and optimize your content, including blog posts, videos, and social media updates, to maximize visibility in search engines

Building authentic connections with your audience is key, so engage consistently through comments, shares, and collaborations. Utilize platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, and measure performance through analytics to understand what resonates with your audience. Consider investing in professional tools that assist in SEO and social media management to streamline the process. Establishing an influencer brand takes time and continuous effort, but with targeted SEO strategies and genuine community engagement, you can build a meaningful and profitable presence online.

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