Why you should visit Biofach & Vivanesse for your Organic Private Label Sourcing

Biofach Vivanesse Nuremberg - Private Label Suppliers for Organic Food and Cosmetics

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the Biofach/Vivanesse 2023 tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany. Biofach is the world’s leading trade fair for organic food. As Wonnda is a digital platform that connects brands with private label manufacturers, we are always on the lookout for quality products to offer our clients. And what better place to find them than the Biofach/Vivanesse tradeshow?

The Importance of Organic Certifications in Private Label Sourcing for Food

Organic certification is one of the most important factors in private label sourcing for premium brands in the food industry. As consumers become more health-conscious, and aware of sustainability, they are increasingly looking for organic products, which are produced without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, private label brands to source from organic certified suppliers must ensure their products’ quality and safety. The Biofach/Vivanesse tradeshow is an excellent place to find these certified suppliers.

Biofach Vivanesse Nuremberg - Private Label Suppliers for Organic Food and Cosmetics

The Biofach/Vivanesse Tradeshow: A Hub for Organic Products and Networking

At the tradeshow, we were impressed by the vast number of exhibitors offering a wide range of organic products. Since Biofach and Vivanesse joined forces, the tradeshow offers both food and cosmetics exhibitors. It was a great opportunity to see the latest industry trends and innovations as well as listening to inspiring keynotes. The tradeshow was also an ideal networking platform, where we could meet and connect with organic producers, suppliers, and potential new customers.

However, Biofach/Vivanesse is not purely focused on private label. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead, with whom to meet and actively get into conversations with suppliers at their booths in order to understand, if they are offering private label or contract manufacturing services.

A Platform for Industry Insights and Trends

The comprehensive information provided about the global organic industry sets the Biofach/Vivanesse tradeshow apart from others. The Biofach fair provides insights into the latest industry developments and trends, while the Vivanesse Congress focuses on current trends in the natural cosmetics industry. In 2022, over 5,000 participants attended 110 individual events at the congresses. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn and gain valuable knowledge about the industry. In 2023 our feeling was, that this number was greatly exceeded since it was the first show without any restrictions based on Covid.

Biofach Vivanesse Nuremberg - Private Label Suppliers for Organic Food and Cosmetics

Politics and Industry Policy

Another essential aspect of the tradeshow is the politics involved. The Biofach tradeshow gathers representatives from politics, associations, NGOs, VIPs, and other opinion leaders every year. Here, industry players discuss future market issues and jointly shape current and future industry policies. It is a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to work together towards a more sustainable future.

At Wonnda, we understand the importance of organic certifications and the need for private label brands to source from certified suppliers. That is why we offer a fully digital solution that connects brands with European manufacturers, all of whom are certified organic suppliers. Our focus on “Made in Europe” products ensures that we are sourcing from reputable and high-quality suppliers.

Biofach Vivanesse Nuremberg - Private Label Suppliers for Organic Food and Cosmetics

Combining Offline and Online Sourcing for your private label brands

The Biofach/Vivanesse tradeshow was an great experience, and we believe that it is the perfect physical fair to source a private label supplier for food and cosmetics with different organic certifications. However, we also understand that not everyone can attend such events. That is why Wonnda offers buyers and manufacturers an online tool to facilitate sourcing. We believe that the best way to do sourcing is to combine offline and online, and that is precisely what we offer.

Source Organic Private Label Products “Made in Europe” with Wonnda.com

In conclusion, attending the Biofach/Vivanesse tradeshow was a great experience, since it gave us the opportunity to meet our partner manufacturers in person and talk to new ones. We were able to meet organic producers, be inspired by the latest international industry trends, and gain valuable knowledge about the global organic industry. As a digital platform that connects brands with certified organic suppliers, we highly recommend this tradeshow for anyone in the consumer goods industry. We believe that the combination of offline and online sourcing is the best way to find quality suppliers, and Wonnda offers the perfect online tool for that purpose.

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