Best Beauty Supplements for Hair, Skin, & Nails

Updated on April 19, 2023
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What Are Beauty Supplements?

Launching your own beauty brand? Consider the power of beauty supplements. These are special nutrients designed to enhance the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. Once consumed, they circulate through your bloodstream, ensuring every part of your skin receives their benefits.

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, undergoes continuous renewal. It’s composed of three distinct layers. The outermost layer encounters daily wear and tear, and as it naturally sheds, a rejuvenated layer from beneath emerges, ready to face the world. Beauty supplements can be a pivotal component in any beauty brand’s offerings.

To ensure this new skin is as healthy and vibrant as possible, your body requires specific vitamins and nutrients. That’s where beauty supplements, often considered among the top skin care products, come into play. They provide your body with the extra boost it needs, ensuring that when the old skin sheds, the emerging layer beneath radiates health and looks fantastic.

The Rise of The Beauty Supplement Market

The beauty supplement market has witnessed significant growth recently. More individuals are seeking ways to nurture their skin, hair, and nails from within, rather than solely relying on external creams or serums. This paradigm shift has expanded the beauty supplement sector. Infused with vitamins and other beneficial ingredients, these products contribute to radiant skin, resilient nails, and lustrous hair. It’s evident that the prevailing belief is that true beauty emanates from holistic health. As the efficacy of these supplements becomes more apparent, their demand will only rise, revolutionizing our beauty perceptions. If you’re looking to tap into this trend and expand your brand, consider private label supplements as a strategic avenue.

Do Beauty Supplements Actually Work?

As the demand for these products surges, there’s compelling evidence indicating their positive effects. Many users have observed marked enhancements in their skin, nails, and hair after regular consumption of these supplements. Scientific studies are beginning to support these user testimonials, revealing that specific components in beauty supplements genuinely foster a healthier exterior. However, while these supplements provide a significant boost, they’re most effective when paired with a nutritious diet. Foods abundant in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including vegan and vegetarian high-protein foods, play a crucial role in preserving our innate radiance.

Types of Beauty Supplements

Beauty supplements are designed in a variety of formats to suit diverse dietary needs and lifestyles. Each type is tailored for specific absorption and usage methods. For instance, powders, oils, and stick packs are intended to blend seamlessly with foods and beverages, making it easy to incorporate them into one’s daily meals. On the other hand, gummies, capsules, and pills come with recommended dosages and are typically consumed on a set schedule. For those always on the move, on-the-go beverages provide a convenient health boost.

The popular types include:

  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Powders
  • Stick packs
  • Pills
  • Ready-to-drink beverages
  • Oils

Moreover, these supplements can be further categorized based on their benefits – be it for skin, nails, hair, overall well-being, or other specific purposes. But the world of supplements, including those produced by private label manufacturers, is ever-evolving, and there’s always room for innovation. If you have a unique idea, don’t hesitate to introduce it. Collaborating with the best private label supplements manufacturers could make your novel approach the next big thing in the supplement market!

Best Beauty Supplements For The Skin

Looking for glowing skin? Dive into the world of beauty supplements, the vitamins to expand your brand. Collagen helps keep our skin bouncy and hydrated. As we get older, we make less of it, so taking it as a supplement can give our skin a boost. Biotin, known as the ‘beauty vitamin’, is great for skin health, helping with dryness and keeping our complexion even. Vitamin C is a double win: it helps make collagen and also protects our skin from damage. Vitamin D is not just for bones; it’s good for our skin cells too. If you’re dealing with acne or skin redness, Zinc can be a helper as it reduces inflammation. Lastly, Vitamin E is like a shield, protecting our skin and keeping it soft. So, these supplements can be your buddies for healthier skin. But remember, before starting any new supplement, it’s best to chat with a healthcare expert.

Best Beauty Supplements For The Hair

Want stronger, shinier hair? Elevate your brand with these supplements, perfect for private label hair products. Iron is key, as low levels can lead to hair loss. Folic Acid aids in creating new hair cells, vital for growth. Selenium promotes a healthy scalp, setting the stage for luscious locks. Omega-6 fatty acids, like those in evening primrose oil, combat hair loss and improve density. Silica from horsetail plant extracts can help reduce hair breakage. And Niacin (Vitamin B3) enhances hair texture by boosting scalp circulation. When considering hair supplements, it’s vital to understand that results can vary, and consultation with a healthcare professional is always recommended before diving in.

Best Beauty Supplements For The Nails

For strong, healthy nails, certain supplements have been recognized as especially beneficial. Iron is paramount, as brittle or ridged nails can sometimes signal an iron deficiency. Magnesium supports nail growth by playing a role in protein synthesis and maintaining healthy nail beds. Biotin, often hailed for its hair benefits, is equally potent for nails, promoting thickness and reducing splitting. Zinc is another key player, crucial for nail tissue growth and repair. Folic Acid helps with cell regeneration, which is vital for nail growth. Vitamin E aids in blood circulation, ensuring that nail beds receive enough oxygen to remain healthy. Lastly, Omega-3 fatty acids provide essential moisture, preventing dry, peeling nails. While these supplements can work wonders, it’s always wise to consult a healthcare expert before incorporating them into your regimen.

Ingredients That You Should Include In Your Beauty Supplement Line

Seeking to create a top-tier beauty brand? Identifying the right ingredients is pivotal. The following components have stood out for their efficacy in promoting health and beauty:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

A cornerstone for skin hydration, HA will be your brand’s promise for radiant and youthful skin. It plumps up the skin, smoothing out fine lines, and speeding up scar recovery. Additionally, its ability to hold vast amounts of moisture ensures prolonged hydration, making it an ideal choice for those with dry skin.


These should be among your brand’s primary ingredients, ensuring users that they’re shielded against daily pollutants and skin-damaging free radicals. Moreover, by combating oxidative stress, antioxidants can prevent premature aging, helping users maintain a youthful complexion longer.


Promote these as the secret weapon for internal balance. Probiotics can be marketed as a unique component that not only ensures gut health but also indirectly promotes radiant skin by keeping internal health in check. Furthermore, a balanced gut can lead to improved digestion and absorption of other nutrients, amplifying the effects of other components in your supplement. With the backing of trusted European probiotic suppliers, ensure your product stands out in its promise of holistic well-being.


Highlight this as the key to firm, supple skin. Collagen is also the ingredient that promises users stronger nails and lush hair, making your brand a comprehensive beauty solution. As the body’s collagen production diminishes with age, supplementing it can be pivotal in combating the visible signs of aging.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Introducing these would emphasize the brand’s commitment to holistic beauty. Omega-3s not only provide deep skin hydration but also bolster hair and nail health. Beyond beauty, these fatty acids support heart and brain health, underscoring the brand’s broader health-promoting potential.

By emphasizing the multifaceted benefits of each component, you can position your brand as both a beauty and wellness solution, catering to the modern consumer who seeks comprehensive health benefits from their products.

European Brands To Take Inspiration From

vitl logo

Vitl is a Uk-based cosmetic supplement brand formulated by experts that believes that every person is unique, and so should their supplements and vitamins. They allow you to take a consultation with body health tests and tailor a supplement diet made just for you, targeting your problems and goals, and making your body the healthiest it can be.

les miraculeux logo

This french vitamin brand has the most nutritious gummies you will ever try. Their pure plant-based formulas are rigorously selected to offer the best possible concentration of active ingredients and are methodically manufactured for impeccable quality and hygiene standards.

phudas+ logo

This capsule supplement line from Finland is made with only the purest essential ingredients. They believe that well-being is a way of life, and supplements should be free from all sorts of unnecessary additives. Take Finnish-quality products to improve your well-being while protecting and respecting the environment.

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