The Advantage of Private Label for Quick Commerce Retailers

Updated on October 20, 2022
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What is Quick Commerce?

Quick commerce is an emerging e-commerce model that prioritizes swift delivery of goods to customers. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers need services that can adapt to their busy schedules. Businesses in quick commerce aim to deliver small, necessary orders within an hour.

While quick commerce is often associated with food and supermarket items, it has potential far beyond. Companies like Gorillas and Flink have shown how quick commerce can conquer the supermarket sector across Europe. However, quick commerce is expanding into various markets as seen with Glovo in Portugal and DoorDash in America. As consumers evolve, quick commerce is there to meet their changing needs.

Defining Private Label

Private label refers to a model where a third-party manufacturer creates customized products for a brand. The manufacturer allows you to decide the product’s specifics like formula, customization, or design, and then produces it exclusively for your brand.

Choosing private label production brings the best of both worlds. You get the simplicity of producing a “generic” product, with the added bonus of customization to make your product unique. This existing production infrastructure allows faster production, lower minimum order quantities, and the freedom to adjust certain product aspects.

Wonnda serves as a platform that connects you with the right private label manufacturer for your brand, ensuring your customers receive top-quality products in no time.

The Advantage of Private Label for Quick Commerce Retailers

Private labels present a vast array of benefits, establishing themselves as an enticing prospect for quick commerce retailers. They help businesses that wish to expand their product offering, introduce unique and sustainable alternatives to their customers, and stay ahead in the market competition. The advantages can be grouped into three main categories:

Increased Efficiency and Control

Opting for private labels improves operational efficiency. Unlike third-party products, private label goods can be stored in your own warehouses. This eliminates the need to outsource, thereby speeding up the order fulfillment process.

Improved Profit Margins

Private labels allow retailers to increase profit margins. When you produce your products, there’s no need to pay additional fees to competitors or middlemen. This cost-saving strategy can then be passed down to your customers, offering them high-quality products at competitive prices. It, in turn, makes your brand a more attractive choice among competitors.

Uniqueness and Brand Identity

Creating your own private label allows you to distinguish your brand from competitors, giving you the freedom to design products that reflect your brand identity. This can help build brand loyalty and recognition, as customers will associate the unique attributes of the product with your brand.

Overcoming Challenges with Wonnda

Despite these advantages, the journey towards launching your own private label isn’t devoid of challenges. One significant hurdle that retailers face is finding a reliable and suitable manufacturer. That’s where Wonnda comes in. With a focus on “Made in Europe” products, Wonnda offers a solution that simplifies the sourcing process.

Comprehensive Database of European Manufacturers

Wonnda provides access to a wide range of top European manufacturers all in one place, saving you the time and effort of scouring the internet for reliable suppliers.

Simplified Sourcing Process

With Wonnda, sourcing the right manufacturer for your private label is as simple as submitting your product request on the website. The platform handles the rest, from connecting you with the ideal manufacturer to ensuring the product aligns with your specifications.

Assurance of Quality

Wonnda emphasizes on connecting brands with manufacturers that deliver high-quality products. This assures that your customers receive nothing short of the best.

Unlocking the power of quick commerce in tandem with private label can lead to substantial business growth. It provides you with the tools needed to respond quickly to customer needs, differentiate yourself from the competition, and boost your bottom line.

Conclusion: Leveraging Quick Commerce and Private Label for Business Success

In the dynamic and competitive world of e-commerce, the combination of quick commerce and private label production can offer significant advantages. Quick commerce caters to the consumers’ demand for speed, convenience, and immediacy, while private labels allow brands to differentiate themselves, enhance profit margins, and gain greater control over their products and supply chain.

However, establishing a successful private label product line requires a trustworthy and capable manufacturing partner. Wonnda, with its extensive database of European manufacturers and streamlined sourcing process, provides a practical and effective solution for brands looking to venture into private label production. This fully digital platform acts as a bridge, connecting brands with the right manufacturers to launch and grow their product lines.

By embracing the quick commerce model and creating unique, high-quality private label products, brands can not only meet but exceed the ever-evolving expectations of today’s discerning consumers. With platforms like Wonnda simplifying the process, the potential for business growth and success is within easy reach. It’s time to step into the future of e-commerce with quick commerce and private labels!

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