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What are D2C brands?

D2C is a term used in the business world to define a company that is responsible for the production and distribution of its product lines, all of it happening within its own facilities and channels. D2C is an abbreviation for “direct to consumer”, meaning the product goes straight from the producing brand to the hand of the consumer. These channels will vary depending on the size and purpose of the business. Other kinds of production include white label, private label, and contract manufacturing. Click here to learn more.

The Portuguese market

Portugal is known for many traditions, such as ceramic and the textile industry, but there are many hidden treasures to discover. In a country in which 96% of the companies are micro-businesses, the role that D2C brands play is essential. The emergent economy has opened space to a wave of D2C brands that balance the old with the new, supported by the increase in tourism to the big cities of Portugal over the past years. People from all around the world come to this small coastal country to discover its treasures and enjoy the warm weather.

Portugal is one of the biggest clay and ceramic producers in the world, and its dinnerwear is considered to be one of the highest qualities on the planet. The bright blue and white tiles, with intricate designs, are used, to this day, to decorate houses inside and outside of the cities. Portuguese ceramics can come in many different forms, such as homeware pottery, made mainly for culinary use; ceramic figurines, typical of the north of Portugal, used as decorations that customarily represent aspects of daily life; and the famous Portuguese tiles.

The Portuguese D2C brands to watch out for in 2022:

O Cactuu

O Cactuu is a Portuguese brand created in 2020, with the mission to give “contemporary, conceptual and sustainable” interior design pieces for Portuguese households. Their pieces follow a minimalistic style, fit for any environment, that transmits comfort and well-being. Their timeless pieces are thought of as a long-term investment, to be passed through generations and kept for a long time.

Their values include handmade, zero waste, exclusive and limited productions, and sustainability. Their ceramics and textiles are made by hand by Portuguese artisans and carries locally within the family. They assure a zero waste and sustainable experience, from the production to the packaging, with locally sourced natural resources, that require less energy and a lower carbon footprint. Their range of products includes vases, textiles, dinnerware, and tablecloths, that can be purchased through their website.

Oito Atelier

Oito Atelier came from the necessity of Sara and João to decorate their newly bought home. Their Portuguese hands, naturally talented at molding clay, created beautiful pieces, and they found themselves among beautiful leftovers that had no space in their home. So, to find a house for these beautiful pieces, they created an Instagram page to sell them and Oito Atelier is born. Shortly after the website was created and now they ship to the entire country.

All the pieces are made by the hands of Sara’s father and are, therefore, 100% Portuguese, handcrafted, and painted. The collection is formed mostly by flower vases and decorative pieces, including figurines, the human body, animals, fruits, and faces. On their website it’s also possible to find flower arranges, to fill the beautiful vases and bring life into the house.

Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs defines itself as a natural pharmacy. They believe that “natural is the answer” and are creating the new health essentials: plant-based, doctor-approved, and straight-talking solutions focused on the needs of modern life. Their proposal is the switch from ingredient-isolated medication, that targets and solves the problem in a direct way, to whole-ingredient supplements. Their goal is to give people solutions for their pains in a natural way, without relying on chemicals, which traditional healthcare doesn’t provide.

According to their website “Biocol Labs was founded in 1977, in Lisbon, Portugal, with the conviction that mineral and plant-based science will make the chemical pharma industry redundant. They researched, developed, and perfected a trace-element range of organism and to prevent the integrity of the cells, endangered by the disadvantage of modernization: pollution, stress, electronic radiations, UV rays and genetic modified foods and crops. The complete range consisted of 25 trace-elements. Their extraordinary and effective results provoked the interested of the medical class, which started using the range complementary to conventional medicine and is still doing so until today.”

On their website, you can find all sorts of solutions for day-to-day problems. For insomnia, a plant-based sublingual spray with melatonin, passionflower, and lemon balm to use before bed. For those days of heavy drinking, a natural fix, take two of their mini rehab capsules before drinking will solve your morning hangover and help your liver work better.

LOOP by Frankie

LOOP by Frankie is a Portuguese brand, born out of a mom’s struggle with her kid’s birthday party. They realized that it was hard to find thematic and aesthetically pleasing decorations and party apparel for their kids and that moms and dads don’t have a lot of time in their busy schedules to plan and search for the perfect decorations and invitations for their taste. Just like that, LOOP by Frankie was founded. A brand to help parents find the perfect decorations!

They produce and sell anything you might need for your kid’s party, from cups and plates to cake tops and other decorations. The goal is to give parents everything they need for the best party! Their decorations vary in theme and go from something more neutral to thematic decorations for all ages of boys and girls. Along with the party decorations, the core business of the brand, they quickly realized that stationary accessories, such as notebooks and letter paper were essential complementary items for a party. Like that, the personalized notebook like started, and it’s possible to personalize it with your own name!

Their multiple products and colorful designs are all thought and developed by them, and while not everything can be handmade, everything is produced by Portuguese manufacturers and partnerships with other Portuguese companies. Everything can be found on their website!

Light Years Away

Sustainability, authenticity, and empowerment. These are the three words that define light years away, a Portuguese sportswear brand made from women to women. Their light fitness product line is produced using ECONYL, a fabric constructed from repurposed nylon, gathered from plastic waste, fishing nets, and the remaining of the fashion industry. Their pieces go from the hands of experienced women tailors and are designed and produced locally, from Portuguese women to Portuguese women. Its mission is to empower women in every step of the process, from the production, by choosing local handy workers, to the consumer, designing a product specifically for the female body.

Their authentic line of sportswear is the perfect product for those who are looking for a light and durable product while sourcing local businesses and supporting the community. On their website, you can find a range of options destined for all different sports. From their minimalistic swimwear line to the perfect yoga pants and sports bra.

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