The 5 best French D2C brands of 2023

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What are D2C brands

D2C is a term used in the business world to define a company that is responsible for the production and distribution of its product lines, all of it happening within its own facilities and channels. D2C is an abbreviation for “direct to consumer”, meaning the product goes straight from the producing brand to the hand of the consumer. These channels will vary depending on the size and purpose of the business. Other kinds of products include white label, private label, and contract manufacturing. Click here to learn more.

The French market

France is one of the biggest countries in Europe and one of the most well-established economies in the world. The delicious croissants, wine, natural beauty, and historical cities have earned them the title of the most popular tourist destination in the world, and attract millions of tourists all year long. A country as big as France holds a diversity of treasures in all of its regions, but the northern part of the country is truly where the heart lies, and millions of men and women from all over the world are attracted to the mountains, lakes, history, sandy beaches, and great food.

The 5 D2C French brands to watch out for in 2022

The Natural French Soap Company

The Natural French Soap Co. is a french family business from Provence, created and owned by Sophie and Ken, and its purpose is to offer authentic, handcrafted, natural soap to the world. Their natural soap is free from skin-irritating chemicals and gives their customers the experience of lathering up an artisanal bar of triple-milled Savon de Marseille.

french, France, Eiffel tower, brands, private label, contract manufacturing, white-label, production, beauty, vegan

The white and scented soap is made out of sustainably sourced raw material, and the formula is completely cruelty-free and mostly vegan. The natural ingredients assure a gently moisturizing experience on dry, itchy, and sensitive skin, all packaged inside plastic-free containers to reduce plastic waste and microplastic pollution, and at an accessible price so everyone can feel and smell like a châteaux-dwellers.

On their website, you can find products ranging from the traditional french market soaps, natural sea sponges, table cloths, candles, bath bombs, shampoo bars, bath accessories, eco-essentials, and even French food!


A skin and body care brand made especially to take care of men. We don’t see that every day, but that is the promise of Horace, an all-natural cosmetic brand made by men, for men. When creating the company, Marc and Kim, the founders of Horace, were thinking about their friends and family and wanted to launch a brand that everyone could relate to. It was important to them that the brand was inclusive of all the shapes and colors, for either beginners or experienced skincare junkies, since everyone should have the right to feel good about themselves and have a product made for them.

Their product line includes face, body, shaving, hair, mouth, and fragrances, and can be found both online, on their website, or in boutiques all over France.


Born from the love for cats, Caats is a cat food specialized company, made to provide the best grade food for our beloved pets, while giving their humans a better and easier experience overall. They saw their pets getting more and more health problems, and started to doubt the quality of the available cat food.

Like that, Caats was created. A cat food company thoughts for your pet’s well-being, with customizable menus that combine energy and hydration, inside ecological paper bags that can be easily recycled. There are four important fundaments that must be present with every delivery: give the customers quality product, adapted to their profile and energy needs, in a mix of croquettes and pâtées, and measure everything correctly. Their product line can be found available on their websites and in supermarkets all over France!


french, France, Eiffel tower, brands, private label, contract manufacturing, white-label, production, beauty, vegan

Born in the roaring 20s, Patyka is a well-established house of organic cosmetics, and the first cosmetic brand in the world to be certified organic with the COSMOS label by ECOCERT, with unique fragrances and textures and an innovative vision of beauty. Its mission is to revolutionize the cosmetic industry and change the idea that people have of beauty, in which the ideals of efficiency, ethics, excellence, and sensoriality are inseparable.

As a reflex of its era, a genius Parisian apothecary formulates the elixir of life, Hulie Absolue, that, enriched with essential oils, quickly became every Parisian women’s best friend and the secret to the perfect rejuvenated look. Decades later, from the rediscovery of the Hulie Absolue formula, Patyka, the Parisian house of organic cosmetic, is founded, as a constant tribute to the past. Their collection can be found on the website and on all sorts of boutiques around France and includes the essentials for face and body.


EKOBO is the portrait of a loving family, a dream born out of a real-life necessity. After their first child was born, the couple saw the need for reusable, non-toxic dishware for children, and the first kid set was created. From there, the product line expanded to other children’s essentials, bath accessories, office organization, and entertaining accessories.

french, France, Eiffel tower, brands, private label, contract manufacturing, white-label, production, beauty, vegan

As the company grew and the product line expanded, they cared to find the best sustainable and kid-safe materials, to ensure the well-being of all the families who would come to purchase their product. All their products are made from materials such as cork, rePET fabrics, food-grade silicone, and GOTs-certified organic cotton. In 2010, they designed their very own eco-composite, and the signature package design was born.

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