Alibaba Germany – Everything you Need To Know [Ultimate 2024 Guide]

Updated on November 15, 2023
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In this article

We covered Alibaba alternatives, the UK, and France in previous articles. You might be wondering why there are different articles on what may seem like the same company ‘’ The B2B platform is located internationally. However, not all of them are as popular as others. In Germany, at least, other Alibaba alternatives are more used than others, but before we get into detail, let’s look at frequently asked questions about the German version of Alibaba.

Does Alibaba Germany exist?

The answer is yes. Alibaba Germany is the German version of Alibaba and has several locations nationwide. In 2015, Alibaba Group opened its office in Munich, and since then, further offices in Berlin and Frankfurt have extended their business. 

What are the differences between Alibaba Germany and Alibaba UK?

Below are 4 main differences between the two Alibaba Groups:

1. Target Market

The main difference between Alibaba Germany and any other Alibaba platforms across Europe is that the German version of Alibaba focuses on the German market. Therefore, most of the European suppliers on Alibaba German are companies from Germany.

2. Language

If you are a user of Alibaba Germany, make sure that German is also part of the Language you know by heart. If you are not fluent in German, this could lead to communication difficulties with the manufacturers, suppliers, and customer service on their platform.

3. Payment Methods

When using the German version of Alibaba, be aware that the payment options differ from Alibaba UK. In Germany, users must pay either with Klarna or a bank transfer. If you are using Alibaba Germany outside of Europe, this could lead to delays in the transfer due to the difference in the currency.

4. Shipping delays

Due to Brexit and the UK not being in the European Union anymore, post offices may not operate as fast as before England exited the EU. 

Is Alibaba German trustworthy?

Alibaba Germany uses different tools to create a safe environment for clients. Below are three measures to gain trust in using their platform

1. Buyer protection:

Alibaba Germany offers multiple types of buyer protection programs, including a money-back guarantee and a dispute resolution process.

2. Seller verification:

The German version of Alibaba verifies the identity of all sellers to make sure everything is safe and in order before they are allowed to list products on their platform

3. Secure payment processing:

Alibaba Germany uses a secure payment processing system to protect customer data and transactions, including PayPal, Klarna, and fast bank transfers.

Overall, Alibaba Germany may be considered a trustworthy online marketplace. However, risks are always involved, and to ensure buyers are not getting scammed, it is essential to do the extra work and invest time in researching the seller’s profile.

Another thing, among all Alibaba Groups, German Alibaba has the least positive reviews regarding safety and trust. Let’s see why:

Alibaba German Reviews: 2.0 Stars on Trustpilot 

Alibaba german
Alibaba Germany – Everything you Need To Know [Ultimate 2024 Guide] 5


1. Shipping delays

Alibaba german
Alibaba Germany – Everything you Need To Know [Ultimate 2024 Guide] 6


An Alibaba User named Uli Hasselbach mentioned that there was a major delay in receiving his electrical wheelchair. Instead of 2 weeks, it arrived 5 months later and in bad conditions. Uli also says (translated from german into english) : ‘No employe from Alibaba takes care about their customers. I had to pay for the damage myself’ . Through that review, we can say that Ulli was not satisfied with Alibaba’s customer service.

2. Lack of Customer Service

Heinz Bauer shares negative experiences where he ordered something on Alibaba Express, he paid with PayPal but the product is not functioning. Therefore he has been trying to get in touch with Alibaba about it but claims the following: (translated from german into english): ‘It is almost impossible to have a decent dialogue between Alibaba and the suppliers. Within no time, you will be directed to some chinese website. Stay away!’

Heinz Bauer mentioned Alibaba Express, let’s see what that is.

Alibaba German
Alibaba Germany – Everything you Need To Know [Ultimate 2024 Guide] 7


What are the differences between Alibaba and AliExpress?

Alibaba and AliExpress are both online marketplaces that are part of Alibaba Group, but they have different target audiences and product offerings.

Alibaba is a B2B marketplace, which means that it is primarily used by businesses to source products from other businesses. Its wide range of large products like industrial equipment and raw materials make Alibaba known for larger businesses instead of individual clients. The prices of Alibaba’s products are typically higher than on Aliexpress. 

AliExpress is a B2C marketplace, which means that it is primarily used by consumers to purchase products from businesses. It is known for its low prices on their available products. Products on AliExpress include home goods, electronics and clothes. Most of their products are ‘Made in China’ which could lead to delays in receiving products.

What are the main benefits about Alibaba Germany?

1. Wide range of products and suppliers:

On Alibaba Germany there are currently over 200 million products listed for sale, therefore businesses may be able to find almost everything they want. 

2. Competitive prices:

Suppliers on Alibaba Germany are usually very competitive when it comes to their prices. The reason why is that they are competing with millions of other suppliers on the platform.

3. Global reach:

Alibaba Germany has a global reach, with suppliers from all over the world. This means that businesses can source products from the best suppliers, regardless of their location.

Overall, Alibaba Germany is a great option for businesses of all sizes that are looking to save money, find a wide range of products, and get convenient ordering and payment. German businesses can also benefit from Alibaba Germany’s specific focus on the German market. However, from all of the above informations, there may be a final question:

Is Alibaba Germany popular?

Alibaba Germany
Alibaba Germany – Everything you Need To Know [Ultimate 2024 Guide] 8


Fabian Koenig, who mentions that he has been working in the B2B sector himself, answered the question on Quora with the following: ‘If the platform was highly popular among German businesses, I would have probably noticed it in one form or another.’

If you’re interested in reading about Alibaba in other countries as well as Alibaba alternatives, we also have written other articles, which you can access through the list below:

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