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Updated on November 9, 2023
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Product sourcing is a crucial aspect of launching and running a successful business. It involves finding and selecting the right manufacturers and suppliers to produce and supply your products. With the right product sourcing strategy, you can ensure that your products are of high quality, delivered on time, and at competitive prices. This article will provide you with the strategies and tips you need to master product sourcing and take your business to the next level.

What is Product Sourcing?

Product sourcing is how businesses get products to sell. Nowadays, many businesses find products online through B2B marketplaces such as Wonnda. However, they can also get products from local suppliers or trade shows. Product sourcing involves connecting with manufacturers, wholesalers, or even local artisans to find items that fit your store’s offerings.

What are The Main Types of Product Sourcing?

There are three primary product sourcing strategies to consider for your business. Your choice among these methods can influence almost every part of your business, from operations to sales. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right one.

Let’s dive deeper into each strategy to help you make an informed decision on product sourcing.


Manufacturing is a tough but rewarding way to get products for your business. You begin with a design, test it, then choose a manufacturer based on sample products you ordered. While you can modify an existing product, you might not be the sole owner of the improved version, allowing competitors access.

If you want a standout product, private label manufacturing is key. But it’s costly and slow. Large orders are common, and production can span months. Upfront costs, storage, and delivery are challenges. Plus, locating a reliable, affordable supplier, especially internationally, can be tough.


Sourcing products through wholesalers takes your business strategy to the next level. Here, you buy products in bulk, benefiting from lower costs per item. Initially, you might store these items at home, handling shipping on your own. But as your venture expands, you might need external storage or use other services.

A prime advantage of wholesale, compared to for example white label, is the ‘economy of scale’; the more you buy, the less each item costs, maximizing profit. This method is quite direct and offers options like private labeling, where you add your brand to bulk products.


Dropshipping, when compare to private label, is the easiest way to source products and also serves as a fulfillment method. Here’s how it works: you partner with a dropshipping provider, choose products to sell, list them on your store, and promote them. When an order comes in, the provider handles shipping, so you never touch the product.

With dropshipping, you can test various products without risking investment and easily expand your product range. However, it’s a competitive field with thinner profit margins due to costs paid to the dropshipping provider. And while selling generic items might make standing out challenging, offering print-on-demand items, where your brand identity and brand design is added before shipment, provides differentiation.

Things to Consider When Product Sourcing

When embarking on how to find a manufacturer for your product and product sourcing for your business, several critical factors demand your attention. It’s not just about finding products that fit your brand, but also ensuring that the journey from manufacturer to customer is smooth, efficient, and aligns with your business values. It requires a keen understanding of market dynamics, supplier reliability, and the nuances of global logistics.

Understand Your Goals and Requirements

Before you start product sourcing, it’s essential to understand your product requirements. This means taking the time to think about what product you’re trying to launch, the reasoning behind it, what audiences you’re trying to reach, and what problems you will be solving with it.

Setting clear goals, including understanding your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), is like building a strong base before you start looking for products. It’s important to know things like how many products you need, the exact details of the product, how quickly you need them, and how much you’re willing to spend. Manufacturers will ask about these factors, including MOQ, and if you don’t have the answers, it’ll be hard to move forward and find a manufacturer to work with.

Understanding these requirements will help you find the right manufacturers and suppliers to meet your needs and help you achieve your business goals. They’ll guide you in turning your idea into a real product and reaching your business goals.

Research and Networking

Research is essential when sourcing products. Begin by looking into manufacturers and suppliers in your field, checking out reviews, and seeking recommendations from other businesses. Have any acquaintances made something similar? Using existing examples can help manufacturers better understand your idea. It can also guide you on where to source from, which materials to choose, and might even lead you directly to the ideal manufacturer.

Networking with peers and industry experts can be valuable in discovering potential manufacturers and suppliers. It also offers insights into the workings of the business landscape and identifies key players you might need in the future. Consider attending private label trade shows, conferences, and other networking events to connect with potential partners and stay updated on the latest industry shifts.

Consider Location

When choosing a manufacturer or supplier for product sourcing, location is an important factor to consider. For instance, you can work with German manufacturers or with Italian private label manufacturers. Working with a manufacturer or supplier in your country or region can simplify communication, as there are no culture shocks and language barriers, reduce transportation costs, and ensure that your products are delivered on time.

However, the manufacturing option from your country may not always be the cheapest one. Sourcing from neighbour countries sometime can be enough to assure a more competitive price, but it’s important to consider all the available options before making a decisive choice. It’s also important to consider that some countries are better at certain categories than other, and having a “made in Europe” stamp in your product can be a competitive advantage and put you in front of the competitors.

Evaluate the Manufacturer’s Experience and Reputation

Additionally, consider the manufacturer’s communication and reputation when product sourcing. It’s important to work with a manufacturer who is responsive and easy to communicate with, as this will help ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

It’s also a good idea to visit the manufacturer’s facilities and see their production process first-hand. This will give you a better understanding of their capabilities and the level of quality they can deliver. Ultimately, taking the time to evaluate a manufacturer’s experience and reputation will help ensure that you work with a reliable and trustworthy partner who can help you achieve your business goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their production process, materials, and quality control measures. A reputable manufacturer will be transparent and willing to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

How to Source Products with Wonnda

With Wonnda, product sourcing becomes a streamlined and efficient process tailored for businesses of all sizes. Begin by creating an RFP (Request for Proposal) detailing your product needs and specifications. Once submitted, Wonnda’s extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers will review your requirements.

Leveraging its rich database and industry insights, Wonnda matches you with the ideal partners best suited to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re launching a new product or scaling up production, Wonnda ensures that you connect with trustworthy manufacturers, ensuring quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing. Through Wonnda, turn your product ideas into tangible assets with ease and confidence.

Create your next product line with Wonnda

Our platform lets you source, launch, and scale your product line with over 250 trusted European suppliers. So whether you’re looking to request products from our private label catalog of over 1,500 items or develop custom products from scratch, Wonnda has everything you need to get started. Best of all, it’s free to start today!

Set up your account in less than 3 minutes and begin your journey with Wonnda. Unlock endless possibilities for your business, bring new products to market and streamline your sourcing process from idea to launch on one single platform.

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