Most Popular Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2024

Updated on November 9, 2023
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Interior design trends are constantly changing and consumers are looking for different home decor styles to update their home with. After spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic, consumers are paying more attention and willing to spend more money on products to personalize their home and create a comfortable atmosphere. With a growth rate of 9,0%, the interior design market is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years opening up a lot of opportunities for brands to get their own interior design products on the market. Start your own private label interior design brand or extend your existing assortment with the following interior design trends in 2024:

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Most Popular Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2024 16

Nature-inspired interior design

Pieces that bring nature from outdoors into your home are a great way to add a unique touch to any room. Pieces with nature-inspired colours and patterns and especially furniture and decor with earth tones are trending in 2024. In the current environment people are looking for ways to make their homes feel like a space for relaxation, calmness and peace. Earthy tones combined with nature-inspired colours and patterns have been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, creativity and overall happiness.

Sustainable and organic materials

A trend that has already emerged in the world of fashion quite some time ago is now also becoming more and more popular in interior design: sustainability. People are more aware of how the things they buy are produced and with which materials. Furniture and home decor that is repurposed or made sustainably and from recycled or organic materials are gaining popularity among consumers.

Curves and round edges

Furnitures with round edges and curves are set to be a stylish addition to any kind of interior design style. Curvy furniture is not only unique to look at but also adds a soft and feminine touch. Any piece of furniture you can think of can be made with curves and round corners. The curves trend can also easily be implemented by adding curvy home decor such as curvy vases, mirrors, picture frames – and so on.

Playful wallpaper

Wallpaper is not something you would only see at your grandma’s house anymore. Playful wallpaper is often used as a way to add a unique touch to any room. The variety of different patterns, colours and textures of wallpaper is endless. However, playful wallpaper with a lot of different colours or a special pattern seems to be an interior design trend in 2024.

Adding Scent to your home

In 2024 interior design trends are not only about furniture and decoration pieces but also something intangible like scent. Scent with different aromas is used to create different moods in each room of a home. Scent diffusers are a great way to fill a room with a certain aroma but also make a great piece of home decor as they come in different styles and colours. Are you wondering which scents are popularly used for which room? We’ve got you covered:

  • Home Office: Peppermint or grapefruit can promote mental focus
  • Living Room: woodsy aromas such as cedar or spruce envoke cosy vibes and simulate a feeling of sitting next to a fire
  • Bathroom: scents such as lavender are relaxing and calming
  • Bedroom: Citrus scents such as orange promote a deep and calm sleep

Plants, plants, plants…

The trend of bringing nature elements into the home also includes having actual plants indoors. Besides the typical plants that all of us have at home, indoor trees are a big interior design trend in 2024. Especially lemon and olive trees planted in beautiful large pots serve as statement pieces. An additional benefit of having plants indoors is that they clean the air and create a calming sensation. Therefore indoor plants but also beautifully crafted pots are in high demand this year.

Black pieces

Regardless of whether a home is more bohemian or more modern, black accent pieces are one of the biggest interior design trends in 2024. They are a great way to add some contrast to earthy and neutral colors. Black accent pieces can be added by switching out hardware for black handles but also by adding smaller black home decor pieces such as black picture frames, black vases, black candles etc.

Cozy fabrics

Carpets are one of the best-selling and most trending products for home decor to make a space feel more cosy. Blankets, linens, mattresses, pillows, cushions, sheets, duvets, quilts, and comforters are a close second when it comes to popular textiles.


Candles are one of the easiest and most essential elements of good home decor. They seem to never go out of style and adapt to any aesthetic and taste. There is a variety of different styles of candles you can choose to make your candles more unique. They could be bubbles, twisted, lavender-scented, with crystals, pastel colours, moon and sun, wooden wick, wax melts, fragrance oil, home decor, high end, soy wax, glass jars, candles with secret messages hidden inside and much more.

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