9+ Europages Alternatives – Best B2B Directories of Europe

Updated on February 8, 2024
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What is Europages?

Europages is a well-established B2B directory in Europe. It facilitates interactions between businesses and potential partners, suppliers, and clients. It has gained prominence among buyers, brands, manufacturers, suppliers and enterprises looking to broaden their networks and form meaningful business relationships.

visable europages
Screenshot visable.com

The company behind Europages: Visable from Hamburg

Europages is part of Visable, Hamburg-based (Germany) company specialized in B2B marketplaces. With a turnover of 68 million Euros, Visable is a large company focusing on B2B marketplaces. Visable employs almost 500 people and hosts two main marketplaces: Wer liefert was (Germany) and Europages (Europe).

Difference between Wer liefert was (WLW) and Europages

Both, the famous German B2B marketplace “Wer liefert was” and Europages belong to the same parent company “Visable GmbH” from Hamburg, Germany. The suppliers listed on Europages and/or “Wer liefert was” have the advantage of opting for presence on both platforms. The parent company Visable can leverage internal resources to position businesses on both platforms.

Alibaba acquires Europages and Wer liefert was
According to “Internet World” (Germany), Alibaba is about to take over Europages and WLW

Will Europages and “Wer liefert was” soon be part of Alibaba from China?

2023 has been an eventful year for the world of e-commerce and global trade. Among the most tantalizing rumors making the rounds is the speculated acquisition of Europages by the e-commerce giant from China – Alibaba. Europages and WLW (Wer liefert was), known for their comprehensive directories of European and German businesses, would represent a significant bridgehead for Alibaba into the European market.

Europages and WLW were both considered two of the most relevant Alibaba alternatives for Europe, which was appreciated by its suppliers and users.

Such an acquisition would not only provide China-based Alibaba with access to a vast network of European suppliers and manufacturers, but it could also reshape the trade dynamics between on the platform. European suppliers should be aware of such an acquisition as there may be an impact on the usability of both platforms in the future. It’s also noteworthy that this development might increase the presence of Asian suppliers in the market, affecting the importance of other European platforms and directories for businesses prioritizing European products.

Why you should look for Europages alternatives

The digital B2B industry is constantly evolving to meet the unique demands of businesses. As industries become more specialized, there’s a rising demand for platforms tailored to these specific needs. “Europages Alternatives” are platforms designed to address these more specialized requirements.

These alternatives can be better suited for businesses looking for platforms specifically for white-label products, contract manufacturing, or those that offer a comprehensive business solution. They play a crucial role in enabling targeted and efficient B2B collaborations in today’s complex business landscape.

9+ Top Europages Alternatives & European B2B Directories

1. Wonnda – A B2B marketplace dedicated to manufacturing and private label

Wonnda - the real Europages Alternative for private label and contract manufacturing in Europe
Screenshot wonnda.com

More than a simple B2B directory, Wonnda is an integrated sourcing solution that caters to both consumer brands and B2B retail buyers. Unlike Europages, Wonnda focuses on finding suppliers for your own brand only. This means that Wonnda sources, verifies and onboards only contract manufacturers, packaging suppliers, ingredient suppliers and service providers that enable you to launch your own products. Brands and B2B buyers of any size use Wonnda already to find the right partners for their product lines. From aspiring startups, famous consumer brands and well-known retailers, Wonnda caters solutions for a variety of needs and it’s free for buyers to use.

Find suppliers & contract manufacturers for your product line

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The platform’s commitment to quality and its suite of tools designed to simplify sourcing means that brands can reduce their time-to-market, ensure consistent product quality, and build more robust, long-lasting supplier relationships.

Apart from its pure marketplace component, Wonnda’s feature set such as video meetings, project collaboration and more, offers a comprehensive toolset that streamlines sourcing, it aids businesses in identifying the right partners, ensuring quality, and facilitating smooth transactions. For businesses looking for a seamless experience that extends beyond just listings, Wonnda stands as an ideal choice.

2. Wer liefert was (Germany)

From Germany, “Wer liefert was” is a leading platform and well-known within Europe’s robust B2B landscape. Renowned for its extensive database, it offers a broad product range fitting various industrial needs. While it serves as a reliable Europages alternative, some might find it too broad for niche-focused connections. Wer liefert was has listings for any business need, no matter if it’s for industrial service or consumer goods manufacturing. The disadvantage: Sometimes the difference between wholesale and white label or other forms of production such as private label and contract manufacturing is not quite clear.

As discussed in the beginning of the article, it’s worth noting that Wer liefert was is part of Visable GmbH, which also owns Europages and is in talks about being acquired by Alibaba.

3. Ankorstore (B2B Wholesale platform)

Screenshot ankorstore.com

Ankorstore is a specialized platform that focuses on the wholesale market. Catering mainly to small- and medium-sized retailers. It allows them to discover unique products from across Europe. Brands and manufacturers, on the other hand, get a chance to expand their retail presence. However, the platform’s specific focus on wholesale means it might not be suited for businesses seeking for private label manufacturers.

4. Orderchamp (Wholesale)

Orderchamp is another notable name in the B2B wholesale domain. Acting as a bridge between brands and retailers, it simplifies the buying and selling process. It offers features that are tailored to the needs of both parties. But, much like Ankorstore, its wholesale focus might not appeal to everyone, especially businesses exploring diverse B2B opportunities, like white label, private label or contract manufacturing.

5. Eurowholesale

Eurowholesale stands out with its clean, user-friendly interface. As the name suggests, it provides listings primarily for European wholesalers. It’s a straightforward platform that aids businesses in discovering potential partners within the European B2B landscape.

6. Foursource (Only Textile)

Foursource offers a niche platform dedicated entirely to the textile industry. It’s an essential resource for businesses in apparel and textiles, providing listings and insights specific to the industry. While invaluable for textile-related enterprises, its specialized nature means it won’t cater to businesses outside this industry and it is also quite challenging to register as a non-fashion buyer or brand. But anyone who is looking for European fashion private label manufacturers will find Foursource useful.

7. Bloombiz

bloombiz europages alternative
Screenshot bloombiz.com

Hosted on a rather dated-looking platform, Bloombiz is still considered as one of the more relevant Europages alternatives as it offers a vast array of business listings from various sectors. Its old-school interface might deter some users, but beneath lies a substantial directory that can be beneficial for those patient enough to navigate it. The lack of modern features and updates might be a concern for some users.

8. Eurobizonline

Eurobizonline stands as a commendable platform for B2B interactions. It provides a diverse directory, facilitating connections between European businesses. Its straightforward interface and search tools make it easy for businesses to identify potential partners. However, its European focus might not cater to businesses aiming for a more global outreach.

9. Listcompany.org

With its vast array of listings, listcompany.org is a resourceful platform for various B2B needs. It offers comprehensive business listings from suppliers to exporters. Detailed categorization ensures easy navigation. But in today’s saturated market, the sheer volume of listings might make it challenging for businesses to identify the most relevant connections.

10. Enantio

europages alternative
Screenshot Enantio.com

Enantio is a dynamic tool that caters to today’s market landscape. It aids brands in spotting opportunities and understanding business trends by offering insights into major importers or suppliers. Its comprehensive company profiles are a highlight, ensuring smooth engagements. However, it might not be suitable for businesses looking for broader B2B services, and its emphasis on data means the platform’s effectiveness relies on the accuracy and timeliness of updates.

11. Physical supplier tradeshows

Even as digital B2B commerce continues its rapid ascent, there remains a compelling case for participating in physical trade shows. These events offer opportunities that the digital realm often cannot replicate. In a physical setting, businesses can foster genuine human connections, facilitate direct product demonstrations, and glean immediate feedback in real-time.

As tradeshows always come with time, costs and efforts, It’s important to identify what kind of tradeshows you should visit when sourcing for suppliers. When explicitly looking for private label fairs, there are many private label tradeshows in Europe you can attend, just like Vitafoods for supplements, PLMA in Amsterdam, Biofach & Vivanesse in Nuremberg for organic foods and cosmetics, or cosmoprof in Bologna.

However, in the digital age it is probably the smartest thing to combine physical tradeshows and digital solutions like Europages or Europages alternatives like Wonnda.

Europages and the need for specialized B2B platforms in Europe

Europages’ vast reach in the B2B sector is undeniable. It caters to a wide variety of businesses in this segment, offering an expansive scope. Yet, this broad-based approach also reveals its constraints. When businesses are specifically on the hunt for contract manufacturers or want to delve deep into private label sectors, Europages might not be their best bet.

Moreover, the contemporary business world demands more than just a platform with listings. Digital transformation calls for platforms that don’t stop at introductions but facilitate the entire collaboration process.

This is where platforms like Wonnda distinguish themselves. They extend their services beyond mere listings and provide a holistic software solution. It doesn’t just bridge the gap between brands and suppliers but ensures that their collaboration is productive and smooth. In essence, while Europages maintains its position as an all-encompassing directory, there are scenarios and needs where specialized platforms prove to be more adept.

Why choose Europages alternatives like Wonnda?

Europages has long been a household name in the European B2B directory arena. Yet, as the digital B2B environment in Europe evolves, there’s an evident shift towards more specialized platforms like Wonnda. Many brands and business are looking into nearshoring their production and create more “Made in Europe” products. By the recent developments around the rumors that Europages and WLW (Wer liefert was) will be acquired by Alibaba, many businesses realize that they should stay with European alternatives for Europages.

These platforms don’t just list potential business partners; they actively connect brands with trusted suppliers, ensuring that collaborations are not just possible, but seamless. With statistics like an 80% match rate and a comprehensive software suite at its disposal, Wonnda showcases that sourcing and initiating new product lines in Europe can be more streamlined, dependable, and economical than ever before. Creating a buyer account on Wonnda is for free and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

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Wonnda offers a wide array of manufacturers and suppliers, especially in Europe, that meet our standards for quality and reliability.

– David T.

Private label buyer from Austria

Create your next product line with Wonnda

Our platform lets you source, launch, and scale your product line with over 250 trusted European suppliers. So whether you’re looking to request products from our private label catalog of over 1,500 items or develop custom products from scratch, Wonnda has everything you need to get started. Best of all, it’s free to start today!

Set up your account in less than 3 minutes and begin your journey with Wonnda. Unlock endless possibilities for your business, bring new products to market and streamline your sourcing process from idea to launch on one single platform.

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