Faire or Ankorstore? Best B2B Wholesale Websites

Faire or Ankorstore - B2B Wholesale differences

If you’re a small retailer or a B2B seller looking for a wholesale platform, Faire.com and Ankorstore might be on your radar. These two platforms are well-known for connecting independent brands and retailers around the world. However, if you’re interested in private label or white label, these two might not be your best bet. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of both digital B2B wholesale platforms and how they differ from a private label and contract manufacturing platform like Wonnda.

What is Faire.com and what is Ankorstore?

Faire.com is a well-known B2B wholesale platform that prides itself on offering a unique and curated selection of artisan-made items. It is the largest marketplace for independent brands and makers with more than 30,000 brands and 250,000 retailers from over 80 countries. The platform aims to simplify the wholesale process with its sleek and sophisticated platform, reflecting its highly selective application process for makers. Brands pay a commission for sales, and the marketplace’s standard commission structure is 25% on opening orders and 15% on reorders.

Ankorstore is a Paris-based B2B wholesale platform that is dedicated exclusively to small businesses and independent brands. It has more than 200,000 independent retailers on its platform and over 15,000 brands across 23 EU countries. The platform claims that it is a business community that brings together retailers, brands, financial tools, logistics, management, and customer Relationship Management tools. What is notable about the Paris-based startup is is that it reached unicorn status just two years after its launch in 2019, founded by four French e-commerce entrepreneurs who wanted to revolutionize our shopping habits. Their cutting-edge catalog allows filtering products per category, such as home, food, interior, cosmetics, and other categories. The platform is equipped with advanced technology to help small businesses grow their operations and streamline their processes.

What are the main differences between Faire.com and Ankorstore?

While both platforms are great for B2B wholesale, there’s no big difference between them. Faire.com is originally from the United States, while Ankorstore was founded in France. It is longer on the market and is valued at 12.5Bn USD. Both tools offer flexible payment terms and a curated selection of unique products.

What are the main advantages of digital wholesale platforms?

A digital wholesale platform can provide significant advantages for retailers looking to connect with brands and suppliers. One of the most significant benefits of using a digital platform is that it streamlines the wholesale buying process. With a few clicks, brands can search for and find the right B2B sellers to source existing brands/products. A digital wholesale platform can save businesses valuable time and money compared to traditional wholesale methods. It can help them connect with retailers and brands from around the world and gain access to unique products that they may not have been able to find otherwise. However, it’s essential to note that while wholesale platforms are excellent for connecting businesses with retailers and brands, they may not be ideal for private label or contract manufacturing. This is because these platforms are more geared towards B2B wholesale and connecting businesses with existing products. To create custom products, brands may need to work more closely with manufacturers, which requires a more tailored and personalized approach, such as the Wonnda platform offers.

What is the difference between wholesale and private label?

Wholesale refers to selling goods in large quantities to retailers or other businesses. Private label, on the other hand, is a business model where a manufacturer produces products for other companies and markets them under the buyer’s brand name.

Private label for small businesses in Europe

Why are Faire and Ankorstore not suitable for private label?

Both platforms are great for B2B wholesale, but they’re not suitable for private label because they focus more on independent brands and retailers. If you’re interested in creating your own brand or extending your product line with your own products, Wonnda might be the better solution solution.

Why choose Wonnda for private label sourcing in Europe?

European Private Label Platform for contract manufacturers

Wonnda is the fastest-growing B2B platform for private label sourcing in Europe. We give brands access to trusted and verified suppliers for consumer products. With more than 80% match-rate on the platform between buyers and suppliers, you’ll find the perfect manufacturer for your private label product. You can also order samples right within Wonnda and use our full software suite to facilitate the whole collaboration process, eliminate errors, and launch products faster and cheaper.

In conclusion, while both platforms are almost the same, they’re great for B2B wholesale, but if you’re interested in private label or white label, Wonnda is the best solution for you. With our focus on private label sourcing in Europe, you’ll find the right partner to create your own brand and launch your new product line.

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