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What are D2C brands

D2C is a term used in the business world to define a company that is responsible for the production and distribution of its product lines, all of it happening within its own facilities and channels. D2C is an abbreviation for “direct to consumer”, meaning the product goes straight from the producing brand to the hand of the consumer. These channels will vary depending on the size and purpose of the business. Other kinds of products include white-label, private-label, and contract manufacturing.

The Belgian market

Belgium is known worldwide for its delicious chocolates, waffles, great beer, beautiful landscapes, and historical cities, but those aren’t the only treasures that the city guards. Its capital, Brussels, is one of the most important cities in Europe, home of the NATO headquarters and of the EU Commission, and the European Parliament, and is often referred to as the capital of the European Union. Even though the Western European country is not so big in area and population, the federal state is divided into three regions: the northern dutch speaking part, Flanders; the southern, French-speaking Wallonia; and the bilingual capital, Brussels, where Dutch and French are both official languages.

But this diverse country in the Benelux area is home to some of the most interesting stores and businesses.

The 4 D2C Belgian Brands to watch out for in 2023


Belgian, Belgium, skincare, brands, white label, private label, contract manufacturing, skincare, tableware, eco-friendly, vegan, pet

Organic, natural, botanical. These are the principles of Likami, an all-natural skincare Belgian brand for those who want to step up their skincare routine by adopting botanical products based on natural technology, looking to revolutionize the traditional approach to quality skin, body, hair, and facial care. Its purpose is to offer eco-luxury cosmetics while respecting the nature of your skin and its natural cycles, to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. The pure and simple cosmetics will turn your self-care routine into an all-natural premium experience.

The range of products can be found on their website, counting not only the individual face, body, and hair essentials but also tailored skincare, available tutorials to help anyone achieve their best self, balms & salves, and giftsets to present your favorite person with your favorite skincare.


Bambaw is a Belgian-made brand with the purpose of offering its customers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and single-use beauty accessories. They mean to fight against consumerism and aggressive capitalism by providing a sustainable swap for everyday items. Founded in 2015 by the Belgian twins Max and Augustin, they believe that single-use plastic is a choice, and by choosing their zero waste swaps, you can achieve the lowest eco-footprint possible, all under fair conditions in the production chain.

Belgian, Belgium, skincare, brands, white label, private label, contract manufacturing, skincare, tableware, eco-friendly, vegan, pet

From safety razors to bamboo-based accessories to reusable alternatives, all sorts of eco-friendly swaps can be found on the website, made to provide you with all the essentials for an eco-friendly alternative, all made from responsibly sourced raw materials and a production process that gives back to the community. The two main materials for production are bamboo – thus the name – and stainless steel.

Known as “the world’s most renewable material, because of its accelerated growth, bamboo trees can provide flexible fibers and little water requirement while absorbing five more times carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen. In the same logic, stainless steel is the most recycled material worldwide and can be used and reused almost infinitely without losing any quality.


Belgian, Belgium, skincare, brands, white label, private label, contract manufacturing, skincare, tableware, eco-friendly, vegan, pet
Our 4 Favorite Belgian D2C brands 7

Delbove is a Belgian-based botanical skincare brand, looking to reshape, drain, plump, hydrate and revitalize the faces of all kinds of women. They offer an exclusive tailor-made face treatment curated from almost a hundred years of market experience and experimentation. Their products promise to give your face a toned and radiant complex while smoothing thin lines and strengthening the muscles of the face to prevent aging.

From antioxidant creams to revitalizing serums, everything is available on the website and in the fanciest boutiques all over Europe.


It all started in the Himalayas during a trip to Ladakh, India. The beautiful mountains and magnificent region, filled with efficient plant extracts, were the inspiration for a range of skincare products that combine local traditional knowledge with modern science to create unique cosmetics. The high-performance ingredients are sourced from plants grown in high altitudes to bring the purest of their kind and create some of the most powerful and active ingredients known. Thanks to these “super ingredients”, the products are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, able to provide real results for your skin.

Belgian, Belgium, skincare, brands, white label, private label, contract manufacturing, skincare, tableware, eco-friendly, vegan, pet

A range of natural products is available on the website, from shampoos and conditioners, the ideal hair care to skin essentials, oils straight out of the mountains, body scrubs, and much more, as well as gift sets to give your favorite cosmetics as a gift.

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