White Label Expo Frankfurt 2025 – All You Need To Know

Updated on March 20, 2024
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In this article

What is the White Label World Expo?

Frankfurt’s White Label Expo 2025 is a trade show for online retailers, startups, and ambitious entrepreneurs. Think of it as a physical marketplace and a conference rolled into one. Thousands are set to gather, all with one goal: to discover top-notch white- and private label products. Spread across the expo are over 300 diverse exhibitors, showcasing a range from health & beauty products to financial products.

But it’s not just about products; it’s also a learning hub. Industry leaders will be on hand to provide valuable insights, share the latest trends, and even give a sneak peek into what upcoming years might hold for the industry. Simply put, if you’re in the business of selling or sourcing, you don’t want to miss this.

Why Should You Attend The White Label Expo In Frankfurt?

1. Networking

The Expo offers a unique platform where you can meet and connect with like-minded professionals, online retailers, and ambitious entrepreneurs. Establish new partnerships, share ideas, and grow your contacts in a vibrant setting.

2. Expert Speakers At The White Label Expo

A selection of industry-leading voices will be sharing their knowledge and insights. They’ll delve into the current trends, providing attendees with a clear vision of what’s happening now and what to expect in the near future.

3. Comprehensive Learning Opportunities

The Expo isn’t just about networking and exhibits, it is also a place where knowledge about the e-commerce industry is shared. Get ready to uncover innovative e-commerce strategies for retaining customers, understand how to penetrate the CEE market with Allegro, and gain mastery over Amazon PPC campaigns. Explore the future with sessions on leveraging AI for Amazon and find out how to design the perfect online store for 2025 and more.

Exhibitors At The White Label Expo In Frankfurt 2025

The White Label Expo Frankfurt now mentioned only 120 exhibitors for 2025. Amongst the exhibitors are white label suppliers, private label manufacturers, e-commerce service providers such as sourcing agencies, packaging suppliers and e-commerce tools. We believe that more exhibitors will be announced.

Find Suppliers At The White Label Expo In Frankfurt

The White Label Expo in Frankfurt offers a good opportunity to find white label suppliers for your brand. Especially when you plan to sell products on Amazon, the White Label Expo in Frankfurt is a good starting point to find suppliers. However, be aware that not all exhibitors are suppliers or manufacturers. In fact, many of the exhibitors at the White Label Expo in Frankfurt are service providers and not directly the suppliers. However, you will find some good suppliers at the White Label Expo, especially if you are interested in white label or private label CBD suppliers. Also, you’ll find suppliers for cosmetics, supplements and some niche products.

The White Label Expo is very much targeted to entrepreneurs who are looking for white label and private label opportunities in the Amazon FBA landscape.

If you are looking for private label and white label manufacturers and suppliers and you are not sure if you should attend the White Label Expo in Frankfurt, make sure to check out how our platform Wonnda works. We partner with verified (mainly European) private label manufacturers and you can sign up for free as a buyer or brand to find suppliers for your private label or white label product line.

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Dates Of White Label Expo Frankfurt 2025

Are you wondering when the white label expo in Frankfurt will take place? The White Label Expo will take place on the 21st and 22nd of May 2025. It’s a two-day experience at the prestigious MESSE FRANKFURT, running from 10 am to 4 pm each day. Noted for hosting elite global events, this venue stands out not just for its reputation but for its prime location. Situated at the heart of Germany and Europe, MESSE FRANKFURT boasts excellent transport connections, making it a top choice for trade fairs, conferences, and various other events, accommodating gatherings from 1,000 to a staggering 15,000 visitors.

Location of White Label Expo Frankfurt 2025

For those looking to plan their visit, here’s the address of the White Label Expo Frankfurt: Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Messe Frankfurt – How To Get to The Venue?

MESSE FRANKFURT’s central location makes it straightforward for visitors. If you’re coming by plane, Frankfurt Airport is a short 12 km journey away. Train travelers will find the Frankfurt main station only 1.6 km from the venue. For those opting for the subway, the Festhalle/Messe stop is a mere 0.8 km away. And if you fancy a taxi, a trip from the city center is about EUR 12. For those who like buses or trams, routes 50 and 46 for buses, and 16 and 17 for trams, directly link to the venue, ensuring it’s easy to reach from anywhere in the city.

White Label Expo Tickets & Prices For Visitors

The tickets are free for visitors. Securing your spot at the White Label World Expo won’t cost you a thing! Once you arrive, you’ll be provided with a bar-coded name badge, which will grant you access.

White Label Expo Tickets & Prices For Exhibitors

If you plan to exhibit at the White Label Expo in Frankfurt, there are multiple stand sizes available. Prices start at €4.500 for a shell scheme (ca. 9m2). Bare in mind that those are not the only costs involved, furniture and decoration has to be rented separately. If you go with a basic setup, the total costs will probably be around €8.000-10.000 minimum if you want to impress your audience with the minimum effort.

Tips for Visitors of White Label Expo

What to bring?

Always come equipped with a generous stack of business cards for seamless networking. Additionally, have a notepad or tablet on hand to capture crucial takeaways, contacts, or moments of inspiration. And don’t forget those comfortable shoes; with a packed agenda, you’ll appreciate them!

How to network effectively?

Aim for genuine interactions: pose open-ended questions, be an active listener, and be willing to share about yourself and your business journey. Building meaningful connections is more valuable than just collecting a large number of contacts.

Insights From Previous Years 

Last year, Wonnda exhibited at the White Label World Expo. The event had a strong presence of service providers. Notably, many of those suppliers were focused on CBD products. Another clear theme was the emphasis on Amazon FBA, showcasing a distinct trend in the market.

From this observation, one might conclude that the expo is an ideal introduction for newcomers, offering a basic understanding of the industry. For those seeking a broader selection of suppliers or a deeper insight into the industry, platforms like Wonnda could be the ideal next step for a more extensive overview.

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