Hottest jewellery trends in 2023

In this article we will cover some of the hottest jewellery trends, which you should definitely look out for. Jewellery is that type of a fashion accessory that can complete and elevate any of your outfits, but also your overall mood.

jewellery box filled with jewellery

Some of the trends we will cover include:

  • Dopamine dressing
  • Mix it up
  • Big pieces, big statement
  • Plastic fantastic
  • Personalised jewellery

Jewellery trend no. 1: Dopamine dressing

Dopamine dressing consists of wearing bold and colourful jewellery. Yes, colourful jewellery is not for everyone nor is it to everyone’s taste, but we cannot say that it does not look fun to experiment with different colours and combine different jewellery pieces and styles.

different colorful beads on the brown wooden table

The message is clear, the more colourful the better, with the idea being to follow overall positive vibes. Always remember, it is more than alright to be bold and dress bold. Let’s move onto the next trend.

Jewellery trend no. 2: Mix it up

Usually, it is said that it is not good to mix silver and gold, or overall different metals. Nonetheless, in 2023 we are abandoning that rule, and letting ourselves mix all the different types of jewellery. And, it is not just about mixing metals, it is also about layering pieces of jewellery in different ways. One of the staples of 2023 is the “neck mess” trend – the more different types of necklaces you have, the better it is. If you love that effortless and messy look, the “neck mess” trend is definitely for you.

woman wearing multiple necklaces

Let us move onto the third trend, and it is all about big statement pieces!

Jewellery trend no. 3: Big pieces, big statement

As 70s and 80s have come back in full style, so have the fashion accessories from this specific time period. Once again, this year’s concept is all about having bold statement pieces. It is obvious that people want to have fun with their clothes and accessories and adding big statement pieces is definitely a part of it.

Nothing makes you stand out like big statement pieces do!

Jewellery trend no. 4: Plastic fantastic

Generation Z has brought many trends back, such as the early 2000s fashion, but one of the most notable comebacks is plastic fantastic jewellery. This type of jewellery brings back the early 2000s nostalgia, but it also brings colours and fun to your outfits. Many models, such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, have incorporated plastic fantastic pieces, thus helping  the trend spread even more. If the “neck mess” trend is not for you, plastic fantastic could definitely be. Lastly, we have personalised jewellery.

Jewellery trend no. 5: Personalised jewellery

There has been a rise in hand-made jewellery companies that specialise in personalised jewellery. Wanting to have something individual and unique will always be in style; and there are numerous small and local businesses you can choose from, or you can also be the one to offer personalised jewellery.  

Different goldsmiths tools on the jewelry workplace. Jeweler at work in jewelry. Desktop for craft jewelry making with professional tools. Close up view of tools.

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