How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online in 2024

Updated on November 9, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, understanding product trends within your target market is pivotal. Recognizing in-demand products helps businesses strategize effectively and prosper. Staying attuned to these shifts not only positions your brand ahead of the competition but also caters directly to the evolving preferences of your consumer base. By proactively tapping into these trends, companies can foster growth and create offerings that resonate deeply with their audience.

What Are Trending Products?

Trending products are items that see a sharp rise in demand within a specific timeframe. Their popularity could be influenced by various factors including seasonal shifts, cultural events, or technological advancements. In the current market landscape, sustainable product ideas, eco-friendly products, tech gadgets tailored to remote work, and wellness-related items are among those seeing a rise in demand.

Why Should You Sell Trending Products?

Embracing and selling trending products is a strategic move for businesses aiming to stay competitive and relevant in the e-commerce space. Firstly, it showcases a brand’s agility and adaptability, proving to consumers that the company is in sync with the current market pulse. Selling trending items can lead to increased web traffic, higher conversion rates, and a potential boost in sales. Trending products often gain virality on social media, leading to significant demand among consumers.

10 Best Ways to Find Products to Sell and Identify Product Trends

1. Leveraging Google Trends to Identify Product Demand

Google Trends is an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to identify product trends within their target market. By tracking search queries on Google, this platform provides valuable insights into current consumer interests and the popularity of specific products. Monitoring the search volume of certain products or keywords can give brands a clear indication of what items are gaining traction among consumers. Compared to other tools, Google Trends offers a broader perspective by capturing the curiosity and interests of users even before they make a purchase.

2. Navigating BuzzSumo for Product Trend Insights

In the vast digital realm, BuzzSumo stands out as a powerful tool for businesses eager to uncover trending products. This platform specializes in analyzing content performance across various websites and social media channels, revealing which topics and products are capturing the most attention. By tracking content shares, engagements, and overall popularity, BuzzSumo offers a real-time view of market preferences and emerging trends.

3. Following Influencers for Trend Insights

In today’s digital age, influencers have become key trendsetters across various industries, particularly in the consumer goods sector. Their vast reach and engagement on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok make them pivotal in popularizing specific products or brands. By closely following and analyzing the choices and endorsements of these influencers through influencer marketing strategies, businesses can gain insights into products that are on the cusp of gaining widespread popularity or already are market sensations.

Moreover, influencers often showcase items even before they hit peak popularity, providing companies with foresight into potential market demands. Instagram, with its visually rich platform and influencer-driven content, is a prime hub for identifying the best products to sell, including those deemed as the ‘best products to sell on Instagram,’ as showcased items here often resonate strongly with the platform’s vast user base.

4. YouTube Unboxing Videos: A Trend Barometer

YouTube unboxing videos have emerged as an unexpected yet influential metric in assessing product popularity and trends. These videos, where creators unpack and review new products, draw millions of viewers eager to witness firsthand experiences with the latest offerings in the market. The sheer volume of views, comments, and engagements on these videos can provide brands with direct feedback and indications about which products are resonating with consumers. Moreover, the variety of products featured in unboxing videos, from tech gadgets to beauty products, offers a panoramic view of current market inclinations.

5. Pinterest Suggestions: A Pulse on Trending Products

Pinterest, a platform celebrated for its wealth of creative inspirations, also serves as a significant indicator of trending products through its “Pinterest Suggestions”. When users search for ideas or products, the platform’s algorithm curates a list of related pins that are currently gaining traction among its user base. These suggestions are often reflective of what’s gaining momentum in terms of style, design, and consumer interest. For businesses, monitoring these suggestions can provide invaluable insights into evolving preferences and market demands.

6. E-commerce Podcasts: Tuning into Market Trends

E-commerce podcasts have become an essential touchpoint for professionals and enthusiasts looking to stay updated on the latest market dynamics. These audio shows often feature industry experts, brand founders, and market analysts discussing current product successes, shifts in consumer behavior, and predictions for future trends. By regularly tuning into prominent e-commerce podcasts, listeners can glean insights from detailed discussions, case studies, and interviews that shed light on products gaining traction. Furthermore, these podcasts often spotlight innovative startups and lesser-known brands that are making waves in the industry, serving as an early indicator of budding trends.

7. Online Marketplaces: Windows into Trending Products

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, have become central hubs for identifying trending products in the e-commerce landscape. These platforms, with their vast array of offerings, reflect real-time consumer purchase behaviors and preferences. By examining best-seller lists, user reviews, and ‘most-wished-for’ items, businesses can pinpoint products that are rapidly gaining popularity. Additionally, many of these marketplaces offer analytics or insights sections, providing a data-driven snapshot of trending categories or items.

Furthermore, for those targeting the Amazon marketplace specifically, understanding the trending product categories for Amazon Sellers can provide a nuanced insight into products that are not just popular, but also have a high potential for sales and profitability.

8. Utilizing Surveys and Focus Groups for Market Insights

Tapping directly into the thoughts and preferences of your target audience is invaluable for understanding product trends. Surveys and focus groups offer this direct line of communication, enabling businesses to gather firsthand information about desired products and prevailing market needs. Digital tools such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms simplify the process of crafting and disseminating surveys to a broader audience. Meanwhile, services like can facilitate in-depth focus group discussions, diving deeper into consumer inclinations.

9. Monitoring Competitors for Market Intelligence

Beyond leveraging online tools and gathering direct audience feedback, staying attentive to competitor activities is crucial for market trend insights. Observing the products they’re introducing, their best sellers, and their promotional strategies can offer a comprehensive view of current market demands. Tools such as SEMrush can provide an in-depth look at competitors’ advertising efforts and product focus. Regularly visiting their websites and tracking their product launches also gives a firsthand perspective on their strategies. Aligning your offerings based on both your insights and competitor analysis can position your business advantageously in the market.

10. Tapping into Trade Shows and Conferences for Trend Insights

Trade shows and conferences in your industry present a golden opportunity to tap into emerging product trends. These events are a hotspot for unveiling new and innovative products, showcasing shifts in consumer preferences. Beyond the products themselves, they facilitate invaluable networking, allowing you to engage with fellow attendees, discover their bestsellers, and gather insights on market performance.

In Summary

In the evolving landscape of e-commerce, understanding and staying ahead of product trends is not just beneficial—it’s essential. From utilizing powerful digital tools like Google Trends and BuzzSumo to tapping into the real-world insights from trade shows and conferences, businesses have a wealth of methods at their disposal to discern market inclinations. Moreover, platforms like Wonnda ensure that once a trend is identified, businesses can swiftly act on it by connecting with the right manufacturers. The fusion of insightful trend recognition with efficient product sourcing creates a roadmap for sustained e-commerce success. Embrace the tools, strategies, and platforms available to you, and let your business not just adapt, but thrive in an ever-changing market.

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