Announcing Wonnda’s €1M Fundraising Round

Updated on May 31, 2023
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In this article

We’re delighted to share that Wonnda has successfully raised €1 million in pre-seed funding. The round was co-led by Belgian venture capital fund Pitchdrive and Berlin-based IBB Ventures, followed by renowned angel investors and entrepreneurs in the European tech ecosystem.

Wonnda began as a shared vision between our founders, Martin Ditzel and Oliver Allmoslechner, back in early 2022. We observed a clear need to improve the way brands and suppliers collaborate, with an aim to simplify the process of bringing new products to life. By weaving together elements of a traditional B2B marketplace with a comprehensive workflow tool, Wonnda is striving to be the go-to platform where novel physical products take shape.

Wonnda gives product sourcing a face-lift

We’re sure you’ve noticed how time-consuming and clunky the process of sourcing and launching new physical products can be. Our own experiences echo that. We saw that much of the current processes haven’t improved much over the last couple of decades. Brands are often left with the inefficient process of attending physical tradeshows and conducting lengthy email collaborations. As Oliver Allmoslechner, one of our co-founders, often puts it, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

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Announcing Wonnda's €1M Fundraising Round 2

That’s why we offer an all-digital product sourcing solution. With Wonnda, brands and B2B buyers can discover new products, submit tenders, and manage supplier relationships all from one centralized location. And it’s not just brands that benefit – manufacturers get their own digital showcase, where they can exhibit their capabilities, entertain requests, or participate in tenders. To further simplify things, Wonnda offers an integrated messaging and project management tool, making the collaboration between all parties a breeze and addressing those old pain points of manual and error-prone product sourcing processes.

“I started a D2C brand 10 years ago and set up an own factory, as I did not find a suitable manufacturer for my brand. I know both sides and experienced the pain of product sourcing myself. Today, I am not only a proud manufacturer on Wonnda, but also happy to have invested as a business angel.” Dominik Guber, CEO and Founder of Pure Flavour

Continuous growth and extension of the supplier base planned

To date, we’ve established active partnerships with more than 300 factories in five main product verticals all over Europe. Through careful selection and verification of our suppliers, we aim to provide our brand partners access to a network of trusted manufacturers. More than 3,000 brands and B2B buyers have been onboarded onto our platform, including promising startups, fast-growing consumer brands, and reputable retailers. We take pride in ensuring a smooth and mutually beneficial working relationship for all stakeholders involved.

“Wonnda brings retailers and manufacturers closer together through a smart matchmaking platform. It is great to see how innovators can bring new products to the market via a faster and often more local supply chain. Wonnda will play an important role in better products for a better world.” Koen Christiaens, Partner at Pitchdrive

Martin Ditzel, our co-founder, describes Wonnda as “the all-in-one solution for building consumer products.” He envisions Wonnda as a central hub where manufacturers can focus on their craft, and brands can access hundreds of factories without having to leave our platform.

Thanks to the recent funding, we plan to grow our network of vetted manufacturers and bring in additional partners, such as packaging suppliers and service providers. The funds will also help us enhance our platform to better cater to the evolving needs of both brands and manufacturers.

We have a clear vision for Wonnda: to be the trusted guide for brands when launching and scaling their product lines. As Allmoslechner concludes, “We’re not just building a platform. We’re crafting an ecosystem.”

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Oliver Allmoslechner is a co-founder of Wonnda, with a passion for bringing new ventures to life. Born and raised in Kitzbühel, Austria, Oliver has lived and worked in cities around the world, including Vienna, Washington DC, Antwerp, Lisbon and Berlin. He started his career with a strong business background, but quickly found his way into coding and venture building. Oliver's special interest lies in enabling small and medium-sized businesses, and he has co-built a number of successful ventures, including, a local experience platform that was acquired in 2020. Oliver's wealth of experience and entrepreneurial spirit make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to launch their own venture.
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