Sourcing Private Label Products in Europe

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Product sourcing is a significant part of starting your private label brand. In this article, we will cover the reasons why you should source your products in Europe, and not somewhere else.

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Private label product sourcing – what is it?

The product sourcing process is an activity that includes identifications and assessments of potential suppliers. Moreover, it also includes selecting and engaging with a supplier which offers the best value for your company and brand.

A lot of products that are sold in Europe, but also worldwide, are being imported from Asia, more specifically, from China. Approximately 90% of goods are manufactured in China; therefore, it makes sense for companies to source products from China, as the price is much lower. However, in the last couple years, the process of product sourcing started to change.

The product sourcing change

In 2020, sourcing products took on a different form. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prices started to soar, which made it more expensive to source products directly from China. Moreover, certain people and companies do not want to obtain their products from Asia, and would gladly opt for alternatives, such as product sourcing from Europe.

Another essential aspect that played a part in shifting sourcing products, while also skipping the wholesalers or the middlemen, is the rise of D2C brands (direct-to-consumer). The wholesale model is dying, while the D2C business model is constantly expanding.

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Numerous brands depend solely on their own channels of distribution, skipping additional steps. Therefor, they also want to have complete control over their product sourcing, while also making sure that the highest quality is offered to consumers. Additionally, as the influencer economy is growing, there needs to be as numerous sourcing alternatives as possible; as influencers tend to start their own brands and launch their own product lines.

Benefits of sourcing products in Europe

Benefits to consider in sourcing in Europe:

  1. Faster delivery times, along with shorter supply chains
  2. Minimum order quantities can be smaller than in Asia, which makes it easier for you as a brand to implement change if you deem it necessary
  3. Large order quantities are also possible, which is important if you already have a set design
  4. European Union provides confirmations and certificates such as  “Made in Europe”, along with various other certificates that confirm the quality of the product on the market
  5. Better quality control
  6. Higher quality products (usually)
  7. Secure payment methods
  8. Easier collaboration with other brands and influencers
  9. Same timezone, which undoubtedly makes communication a lot easier and faster
  10. Same business culture; this might not seem like an issue, but sometimes business culture can dictate the way production is carried out. Being a part of the same business culture leaves less space for
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Of course, it should be mentioned that you should always find a European manufacturer that can offer you a competitive price but also cater to your needs and wants.

Where can you find a manufacturer for your products? That is where we get to Wonnda.

Wonnda: the tool for launching private label products with European manufacturers

Wonnda was built to take out the guesswork when it comes to sourcing and launching a product line through private labels.

Here at Wonnda, we work with top European manufacturers for private label production and contract manufacturing. The first step in getting your business to market is probably the most crucial – finding the right production partner for your project. But even when a product line is launched, later on, you can expand your business portfolio with other product lines and products.

The great advantage of is that you can simply let our platform do the heavy lifting. On wonnda, you can find product ideas and inspiration, as well as the right manufacturers. With our collaborative sourcing tool, you’ll be able to launch your next best-seller, fully digitally. Sounds interesting? Then sign up on

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