Sourcing CBD products in Europe: Important things to keep in mind

In this article, we are going to cover the ways in which CBD products can be sourced in Europe.

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Europe is the second largest market for CBD products. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent ingredient of medical marijuana. It is important to mention that CBD does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a psychoactive ingredient that results in people getting high.

Before we talk about sourcing these products in Europe, let us first take a look at their status.

Status of CBD products in Europe

CBD is legal in almost all European countries; albeit with certain restrictions and exceptions. In the European Union, CBD falls under the novel food category. Novel food is food that has not been consumed significantly by people prior to 1997. Novel food can be innovative, produced by new technologies, or even food that has been consumed outside of the European Union.

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Novel food also needs to fall under certain principles that concern consumer safety, proper labels, and not being nutritionally disadvantageous. Let us take a look at the restrictions that one needs to pay attention to once purchasing CBD.

Sourcing CBD products – rules and regulations

Most European countries allow THC-free or low THC (<0.2%) products, that can be obtained without a prescription, for adults. This further means you can buy products that contain CBD from local shops or you can even order them online.

The best way to get CBD in Europe is through online marketplaces. You can also order products directly from the manufacturer and have the products delivered to your door. It is an easier and safer option, but also a cheaper one since you are ordering from the manufacturer directly.

Residents of European countries can also order from international CBD brands such as Hemp Bombs or Nature’s Script. Aside from international CBD brands, there are also European companies like EndocaNordic Oil, or Reakiro that offer rather fast delivery.

The European CBD market is still pretty tumultuous, and there are many products out there whose source and quality are questionable.

In order to avoid spending money on low-quality products but also to make sure you are using products of good quality, make sure you:

  1. Always properly research the company you want to buy from or source from before you purchase CBD products— read reviews in full and go through online forums, and you can even ask around with people that have purchased from them
  2. Ask or see if the seller will provide you with a Certificate of Analysis to guarantee the quality of the product
  3. Feel free to ask about the conditions in which the hemp is grown — is it a safe growing environment that enables the growth of toxin-free CBD products, or do they infuse the hemp with certain additives

Remember, when sourcing CBD products it is extremely important to have all of the facts laid out in front of you. The goal is to obtain products of high standard and quality, with as many certificates as possible.

What next?

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Once you find a perfect manufacturer for your CBD products, we will also list some steps that will help you on approaching a manufacturer with your product line idea.

If you want to start your own brand or product line, having a manufacturer is an extremely important part of the process. Both you and the manufacturer are looking for a long-term relationship, so it’s very important to establish a good connection from the very first contact in order for the production process to go as smoothly as possible.

In order to do that, make sure to put effort into the request and put as many details as possible about your product idea. This way, we can find the best match for you, and the manufacturer can have all the information to make your idea come true. Let us list some essential steps to follow when sending an inquiry to the manufacturers.

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