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What is social appearance (also called branding) for a brand?

Social appearance is the facade of your brand. It is more than just your logo, colour, font, and design you use. It is the tone, words and customer service style you use. Overall it refers to everything visible from your brand on various social platforms. Social appearance is what the customers see of your brand through every touch point or interaction they may have with you.

It is therefore essential to curate your brand’s social appearance. In this article, we will see some reasons why.

1. First contact with your customers

Your social appearance is what your customers see first as soon as they want to get to know you. We can compare this to a first date or first interview for a new job. We all know how important it is to make a first good impression. This first impression will also eventually be substantial and influence the rest of the relationship.
It will decide if a relationship between the customer and you can be created or not. For example, according to kissmetrics, 52% of people stated they didn’t return on the website because they didn’t like its aesthetics. You have one shot, so be sure not to waste it!

2. Trust

As a natural consequence of our first argument, making a good impression will most likely unfold in a relationship building trust between your client and your brand. Here social appearance is a way to connect and create resonance with your audience, reinforcing trust in the relationship.

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3. Consistency

Once you master your branding, it is crucial to keep it consistent. For example, social appearance has to be the same throughout all the different touch points your customers can have with you: from social media to website or blog.
Consistency makes it easier and faster for people to recognize and remember you, creating certain notoriety around your brand. They will spot you from far! For instance, research shows that from the colour alone, your brand recognition increases by 80%.

4. Credibility

This recognition, mentioned in the previous paragraph, will then directly influence your credibility amongst your audience. When seeing and recognizing your brand, people associate specific values such as premium quality, reliability, short timing, or others. Through credibility, you will then be able to experience loyalty from your customers and create a lasting community around your brand.

5. Competition

Lastly, social appearance is what will differentiate you from your competitors selling a similar product or service. In a time when technological advancements and product development are easily replicable, what will make the difference between two products is the communicated values and what the brand represents.


Social appearance is key in creating trustworthy connections, building your reputation and making your customers loyal and buy your products over your competitors’ ones. People don’t only buy products; they buy brands and everything that comes with them: the values, community and what the brand stands for.

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