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1. Matcha tea

Matcha is the ground powder made from processed green tea leaves, an essential element of east Asian cuisine. The powder is traditionally consumed in drinks and beverages and can be a great substitute for coffee since green tea is rich in natural caffeine. The fine powder is whisked into hot water, forming a warm frothy drink that can be added to milk or coffee, or drank alone.

Matcha tea is typically consumed by Japanese people several times a day, taken outdoors in picnics when the weather is warm and inside, during the cold months, and is the center of the Japanese tea ceremony, a tradition carried for centuries around tea drinking.

The reason why matcha is a powder, differently from other teas made straight from the leaves, is because the tea-drinking tradition is older than teapots, so they would grind the leaves into a fine powder and mix it with steaming water to drink. Later on, when teapots came up, the use of grind matcha was lost and has just recently become popular again.

2. Kombucha

Kombucha is a kind of fermented black tea that comes from the culture of live bacteria and yeast. This brown-colored effervescent tea originated in china, but it has now spread throughout the world for its beneficial effects for gut health and digestion.

The live bacteria from the live yeast culture help improve the overall gut health and replace the loss of beneficial bacterial in the body, all while fluxing out the bad chemicals and providing hydration.

3. Cold brew

Coffee is one of the most produced and consumed beverages in the world, staying only behind water and tea. It’s part of many different cultures and traditions and is widely consumed worldwide. Its caffeine-rich grains are an essential part of many people’s days and are even considered an addicting substance. Coffee can help you feel less tired, increase energy levels, improves productivity, and is a big part of social interactions. Safe to say, not many people can live without coffee shops.

4. Lemonade

Lemonade is an easy drink for you to start your beverage production line. All you need is lemons, water, syrup, some kind of conservant, and added flavors, to start producing organic lemonade. There are plenty of manufacturers in Europe that will bring your idea into reality and will be able to produce your dream lemonade.

5. Iced tea

Iced tea is the best summer drink of all, or perhaps the perfect beverage to side a warm winter dish. It can be homemade or storebought, iced tea is the perfect beverage for many occasions, and easy to serve for a crowd. The drink can have multiple flavours and can be as sugary as you’d like.

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