New fantastic hair product line in 5 steps: How to guide

Composition with hair care products on wooden table. Blank space for label

Interested in starting a new hair product line? You are at the right place then! This article will provide an insight into starting your own private label hair product line.

Composition with hair care products on wooden table. Blank space for label

Defining private labelling

Before we get into the steps necessary for starting a hair products line, let us be reminded of what private label manufacturing is.

Private label manufacturing means that you do not manufacture the products yourself, rather that you partner up with an existing manufacturer, who has experience in building products in your desired domain. Moreover, you outsource the production and numerous times even the overhead tasks like bottling, filling and packaging.

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Many specialize in this kind of manufacturing. Either they have ready-made products, according to their experience (and some adjustments you can specify), or they produce a completely new product according to your fixed specifications, just like your recipe, design, or formula.

Private labelling is an essential part of their current commercial success and many believe that this will define their success in the future.

This particular trend has been steadily on the rise, with more entrepreneurs and business owners recognising how much it helps them in building their own brand identity and keeping up with every individual customer demand instead of relying on big suppliers. This business model is extremely consumer-centric, and it truly focuses on the fulfilment of needs and wants of consumers.

Step 1: Purpose of your hair product line

Before going through manufacturers and beginning production, it is essential to have an idea of what it is you want to include in your hair product line. For example, it could be sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that feed your hair, or simply a shampoo that helps in achieving high hair volume.

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It is important to find your niche within the market, in order to make sure you have a solid beginning point.

Step 2: Emphasise the main product of the line

Once launching your product line, you need a specific item that will grab the attention of your consumers. Something that will stand out in the product line, but also something that will differentiate you from your competitors.

For example, if you launch a body care line, your hero product can become a hair mask that helps extra dry hair and even has a heat protectant element in it. This is just an example of all of the possibilities you, as a brand owner, have.

Step 3: Find the right manufacturer

To be sure you are offering only the best products to your consumers, it’s essential to have a manufacturer that understands the product you want to sell and is up to standards.

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It is also important to know that both you and the manufacturer are collaborating to establish a long-term relationship in terms of production, so it’s vital to set a good connection from the first contact onwards.

At Wonnda, we work with top European producers for private labeling and contract manufacturing. The first step in getting your product to the market is the most crucial one – finding the proper manufacturer for your product. The great advantage of Wonnda is that you can let us do the tedious and time-consuming work because all you need to do is let us know what exactly is it that you are looking for.

Step 4: Market your products

Your company’s logo and visual branding are the faces of the company. It’s the first thing the customers see, which will highly affect how your brand is positioned on the market and viewed by your target audience. Therefore, it is always essential to keep the profiles updated along with the branding strategy and marketing strategy of your company.

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People forget fast, so you need to constantly give your customers something to look at and interact with. The idea is to interact with your audience at least once a day. On Instagram, for example, it is recommended to post 3-4 posts a week and interact heavily through the stories. This frequency can be lower on YouTube, as it demands longer videos and editing. On the contrary, very active users thrive on TikTok, a platform that requires shorter and more frequent videos.

In the end, it all comes to the conclusion that you need to find the platform that represents your brand the most, and makes the best out of it!

Step 5: Sell your products

Last but not least, after going through some of the fundamentals, the final step is to start selling your products and continuously grow and expand your business.

With that in mind, we should mention another fantastic thing: through Wonnda, you can also launch your products and expand existing product lines. So make sure to contact us at Wonnda for any questions you might have.

What should I do next?

There are numerous product ideas and a good amount of manufacturers that can make your idea work. Depending on your industry, interest, and expertise it is completely up to you what to build and put out on the market. But we know it is not so easy to get started, therefore, you should visit us at and get inspired by the numerous products that are listed on our website.

Whether you are an aspiring startup entrepreneur with an innovative product idea, or an existing retailer looking to diversify your assortment with your own products, launching your own brand through a private label, white label or contract manufacturing could be just the step you need to take your business to the next level.

Here at wonnda, we work with top European producers for private labelling and contract manufacturing. The first step in getting your product to the market is probably the most crucial – finding the right production partner for your project. The great advantage of is that you can simply let us do the heavy lifting. Just tell us quickly about your project or product idea, and we will then approach the most suitable producers for your project and connect you with them.

Sounds interesting? Then just fill out the form or send us an email with your desired product.

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