Launching Your Successful Beachwear Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated on June 30, 2022
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In this article

If you’ve always wanted to start your own beachwear brand, now is the perfect time to begin. By using online tools that link brands with top-notch manufacturers and suppliers, you can make and launch your own successful beachwear line.

With these connections, you can explore a wealth of options, select materials, design styles, and production methods that resonate with your brand ethos. From bikinis and one-pieces to cover-ups and beach accessories, you can shape your collection to reflect the essence of your brand, appealing to your target customer base.

Step 1: Establish your beachwear brand concept

The first step in launching a successful beachwear brand starts by molding your brand concept. It’s more than just a name or logo; your brand concept encompasses your brand’s mission, values, and identity. Ask yourself the following questions: What is the distinct design or style that you want to target? How can your brand stand out in the saturated market of beachwear? Are there unique aspects of your brand that fill a gap in the market?

This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for your brand, guiding the selection of manufacturers and even the types of materials you want to use. Your beachwear brand should communicate a unique selling proposition that distinguishes you from the rest of the competition.

Step 2: Find the right manufacturers with Wonnda

With your brand concept in place, the next step involves identifying the suitable manufacturers who can bring your vision to life. This process can be daunting, but Wonnda’s innovative platform makes it a breeze. By connecting brands with reputable private label manufacturers across Europe, Wonnda enables you to filter and select based on product category, country, and specific criteria that align with your brand’s needs.

Step 3: Initiate sample production and quality assurance

Once you’ve identified suitable manufacturers, it’s time to initiate sample production. This crucial step provides the first tangible glimpse of your beachwear brand, allowing you to assess product quality and make necessary adjustments before launching full-scale production.

The creation of a sample provides a chance to ensure that the products live up to the high-quality standards of goods. In this phase, you can collaborate closely with your chosen manufacturer to refine designs, materials, and manufacturing techniques until you achieve your desired product.

Step 4: Kick-start mass production and branding

Upon satisfaction with the sample quality, it’s time to move towards mass production. Through Wonnda, you can communicate directly with manufacturers, discuss pricing, set timelines, and finalize the order details. It’s essential to maintain open and frequent communication during this stage to prevent potential misunderstandings or issues.

Additionally, this stage includes branding elements such as tags, labels, and packaging designs, ensuring they align with your beachwear brand’s identity. These components, while seemingly minor, can significantly influence customer perception and brand recognition, playing a pivotal role in your brand’s success.

Step 5: Official brand launch and continuous growth

The final step involves launching your beachwear brand to the market. With a carefully crafted marketing strategy and your high-quality products, you can carve out your space in the market. Remember that launching your beachwear brand is just the start of your journey. Continuously engage with your customers, solicit feedback, and make improvements.

Building a successful beachwear brand is an ongoing process, which involves refining your designs based on trends, feedback, and changing consumer preferences.

Determining the ideal production type for your beachwear brand

Selecting the most suitable type of production for your beachwear brand can significantly influence its success. Here, we break down the three main types of production: white label, private label, and contract manufacturing.

White label production

As the most cost-effective production type, white label production presents an attractive choice for newcomers to the beachwear brand scene. With machinery already set up for production and no requirement for customizations, this production type boasts of speed and affordability.

White label production offers an appealingly fast turnaround due to pre-set processes. As a brand owner, your role is to add the final branding touch to the generic packaging. This method is perfect for those looking to kickstart a small independent business on a tight budget. You can create, produce, and distribute your products, making them distinctive through unique branding and design.

Private label production

Diverging slightly from white label production, private label production allows a higher degree of customization. Manufacturers produce custom-made products for your brand, giving you the liberty to dictate product formula, design, and customization.

With private label production, you collaborate closely with manufacturers to create a personalized product that will be sold exclusively by your brand. While it involves more input and investment than white label production, it provides a blend of convenience and customization. You can tweak your packaging and formula while the manufacturer takes care of production.

Contract manufacturing

As the most personalized and, correspondingly, the most expensive production type, contract manufacturing involves tailoring the entire production line for a single product. This comprehensive customization means a longer production timeframe, potentially taking up to a year to complete, encompassing design, machinery setup, sampling, and production.

Contract manufacturing may be an appealing choice for brands seeking to launch a highly unique product. However, it’s vital to weigh the need for extensive customization against potential cost savings available through other production methods. Often, the desired product can be achieved at a more affordable price through white label or private label production.

Some D2C beachwear brands to take inspiration from

Tide and Seek

Sammy, a passionate surfer from the UK, saw an opportunity to influence change in the often wasteful fashion industry. With a vision to encourage sustainable living, she established Tide and Seek, a beachwear brand committed to eco-friendliness and accessibility. Aimed at athletic women, Tide and Seek proves that sustainable living is a lifestyle choice within everyone’s reach.

logo from Tide and Seek


Logo from UND

Based in Italy, UND is a swimwear brand redefining the industry’s norms. With a dedication to local production, UND crafts minimalist, timeless swimwear pieces that transcend fleeting trends and fit seamlessly into anyone’s wardrobe for any occasion. In challenging the fast-fashion ethos, UND focuses on creating durable beachwear designed to last for years, serving as a resilient response to the issue of fashion waste.


Hailing from Sweden, this swimwear brand elegantly combines the essence of “future vintage” into its timeless creations. Designed to withstand changing trends and seasons, their pieces can be worn repeatedly while maintaining their relevancy and style. Each item, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, blends a touch of nostalgia with a modern twist. The brand’s commitment is to enhance elegant silhouettes, empowering every woman to feel confident and embrace their best self.

logo from bright swimwear

Create your next product line with Wonnda

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