Product Ideas for Your Direct-to-Consumer Supplements & Fitness Brand 2021

The covid pandemic has created a huge demand in the fitness and health sector. Respectively supplements for workout are in huge demand by consumers. This opens up an incredible opportunity for companies that want to become active in this specific area. Whether you are a newly founded startup with a good idea for a product (e.g. supplements) in this niche, run a gym, are a fitness trainer, or an established retailer looking to expand your existing range with a private label, it’s a great idea to do so.

What is private label and how does it work?

Private label manufacturing is basically the outsourcing of production to a specialized manufacturing company. A distinction can be made between white label, private label and contract manufacturing. White label means that you purchase goods already produced by the manufacturer and relabel them with your own brand. Private label means that the manufacturer already has a range of products that you can tailor to your needs (adapting recipes, design, etc.). Contract manufacturing means that you provide the manufacturer with your own product specifications (a recipe you developed yourself, product design, etc.). Depending on your individual situation, you should choose a producer who specializes in some form of this type of manufacturing.

6 Product Ideas for Your Direct-to-Consumer / Private Label Health & Fitness Brand

  • Any kind of dietary supplements and supplements
  • Proteins and scales
  • Endurance drinks
  • Teas and special herbs like Macha
  • Vitamins
  • Oils

3 Best Practice Gesundheits-D2C-Marken, von denen du dich inspirieren lassen kannst

If you’re interested in launching your own direct-to-consumer product, here are a few brands that are successfully capitalizing on the health & fitness niche. The good thing for you is that anyone can create products in this space with the right provider. At wonnda, we connect you with the best providers so you too can launch your own brand.

  • Foodspring
  • The Honest Company
  • Hims & Hers

Start your own health and fitness product line with wonnda

On wonnda we connect you with the best European manufacturers who are able to produce your desired product line. Whether it’s powders, tablets, drinks, etc. From supplements to holistic fitness and health products: Just tell us what you want to produce and we will find the best supplier for your individual project.

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