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Online retailing

Being a retailer is the reality of more than 5 million companies in Europe, representing 11,5% of the total supply chain companies in Europe. A retailer is a company that will buy smaller quantities from bigger manufacturers or distributors to brand and sell directly to consumers. These companies can be online or offline, meaning they can sell their products to their customers in a physical brick-and-mortar store or through a website on the internet. Online retailers will receive the product from the manufacturer and will sell them online directly to their consumers, being responsible for delivery and quality control.

Finding a product to sell online

1. Take inspiration from others and use benchmarking in your favor

Someone has probably done something similar. If not the same product, then the same market, the same audience, or the same competitors. Take their experiences as a lesson, and learn from their mistakes, so you don’t need to make yours at your own cost. There is nothing with taking advantage of benchmarking and learning from someone else’s mistake.

Not only can you use it as a form of inspiration for your business and as a form of having ideas for your business, but it’s also great to measure your success and monitor your results.

2. Understand your target audience

Understanding the market you are entering, and your audience is an essential step to keep in mind when starting a new product line. Understanding your consumer and their necessities is crucial for the success of your product and should not be overlooked.

Not everyone will like and buy your product, and that’s okay! To try to please every single person in the market is to set yourself to fail. In order to be successful, it’s important to set your priorities straight and understand who’s necessities your product is attending to and who is not being benefited by it. In other words, find your target audience, the people who actually need your business, and pay attention to their needs. It’s important for your brand to really understand its behavior.

Making a good impression will most likely unfold in a relationship-building trust between your client and your brand. Here, social appearance is a key way to connect and create resonance with your audience, reinforcing trust in the relationship.

3. Be aware of trends

If you don’t know yet what you should produce and what private label product line you should start your business in, it can help you to get on the internet and check out what people like. What’s the “next big thing” and when are people going to realize they need it? If you are good at trending forecasting, you can predict what people are going to need in the near future and make it available for them before any other big company takes the chance.

To be good in trend forecasting, it’s important not only to be updated with the news and put yourself out there to study your industry but also to understand your audience, as well as their wants and needs.

4. Have profit margins in mind

Of course, it is great to produce a product you’re passionate about or start a company doing something you love, but you cannot forget to include the profit in this equation. Some things are simply not profitable or have a very high entry barrier that will make your life harder in the long run while not giving you much profit in return.

Profit is important not only for you and your well-being but for the company’s future. A company that doesn’t care about its profits will not last much longer in competitive and saturated markets. When thinking about which product you want to produce, observe your competitors and analyze if they are making the desired profit, or if they are not, if you could change the game and transform this product into a profitable business.

5. Do your research about the product you’re launching

There is nothing harder than launching a product you know nothing about and want to be successful. You need to understand the product you’re launching and who you’re launching it to in order to optimize the product and satisfy the industry you’re in.

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