5 reasons to produce matcha tea and why it is better than other teas

What is matcha anyway?

Matcha is the ground powder made from processed green tea leaves, an essential element of east Asian cuisine. The powder is traditionally consumed in drinks and beverages and can be a great substitute for coffee since green tea is rich in natural caffeine. The fine powder is whisked into hot water, forming a warm frothy drink that can be added to milk or coffee, or drank alone.

Matcha tea is typically consumed by Japanese people several times a day, taken outdoors in picnics when the weather is warm and inside, during the cold months, and is the center of the Japanese tea ceremony, a tradition carried for centuries around tea drinking.

The reason why matcha is a powder, differently from other teas made straight from the leaves, is because the tea-drinking tradition is older than teapots, so they would grind the leaves into a fine powder and mix it with steaming water to drink. Later on, when teapots came up, the use of grind matcha was lost and has just recently become popular again.

Why is matcha tea so popular?

In the last decade, with the popularization of social media, matcha tea gained back its space in people’s morning routine, powered by the descendants of Japanese and east-Asian families that introduced matcha to the western world. Then, as western people started caring more about their health and well-being and searched for good ingredients to introduce to their diet, they came across matcha, a powder full of antioxidants and natural caffeine, with the potential of preventing heart disease and helping with weight loss.

Moreover, the habit of preparing your own cup of green tea daily is a relaxing way of stepping out of work for a minute or starting your day with the natural caffeine from the leaves.

Those, combined, are enough reasons to justify everyone’s love for matcha, without even counting the flavourful and warm taste of a fresh cup of tea. Why not start your own matcha tea line and start producing and selling your own private label products?

5 reasons why you should launch your matcha tea brand

1. It’s super popular right now

The tea is full of catechins, a kink of plant blend that acts as a natural antioxidant and makes it super good for your overall health. That, plus the fresh taste, is enough to make matcha one of the most common drinks to order at coffee places or to make yourself at home.

The fun thing about matcha is the way you make it. The product comes in a finely ground powder that should be mixed with hot water and whisked with a matcha whisk. The whisk is made out of bamboo and is used to incorporate air into the tea mixture, making the tea frothy and light to drink.

2. It’s a superfood

Superfoods are foods and beverages rich in nutrients and good for a person’s diet. They are usually plant-based, such as grains, berries, and produce, but these nutrient-dense foods can also be found in fish, meat, or dairy. Superfoods are not a food category per se, but a categorization to identify foods that should be introduced into one’s diet to improve overall health. These foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, minerals, phytochemicals, and proteins and can help prevent heart disease and diabetes, improve digestion, and give you a better life overall. 

The term ‘superfoods’ refers to ultra-healthy foods that help support one’s health and overall well-being. It has been used in connection with all kinds of fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc. that are supposed to be of exceptional nutritional value. From a nutritional perspective, however, there is actually no such thing as a superfood that is the single solution to health issues. Regardless, certain food products do have a higher nutritional value than others and do contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

3. It’s super tasty and easy to make yourself

To be done correctly, the preparantion kit should come with a few essential items:

  • A bamboo whisker
  • A bamboo spoon to add the powder
  • A holder for the whisker to keep the whisks separate and make it last longer
  • A bowl to whisk the powder and get it ready to drink
  • A fancy cup to put your beautiful green mixture in and drink it
  • A kind of milk, if you’d like
  • A glass straw

The preparation can be calming and the perfect opportunity to take a break from a busy work day and have a few minutes for yourself.

4. The health benefits

When you grind the green tea leaf to make the powder, it contains all the nutrients from the plant, but differently from the full leaf, the powder contains a concentration of all the good stuff in the leaf, and that’s why the powder is so much better than the leaf.

5. The caffeine in matcha is different than coffee

While a 240ml of coffee contains 96 mg of caffeine, a cup of matcha of the same size can contain, on average, 200 mg of caffeine. In other words, you can drink a much smaller cup, and get a lot more caffeine to go on with your day. And plus, not everyone likes coffee, so it might be a good option for those that don’t get along with the bitter taste of coffee.

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