How to finance your products with Finetrading

How to finance your products with Finetrading

Finetrading is a financing option that has been gaining popularity among businesses that need goods or raw materials for their production. It is a service that enables companies to outsource their purchasing and provides them with pre-financing for their commercial transactions. In this article, we will explore how finetrading works and why it can be a great option for businesses looking to finance their products without the need for annuities or personal guarantees.


What is Finetrading?

Finetrading is a financing solution that provides pre-financing for commercial transactions, primarily for goods or raw materials that are only capitalized in the balance sheet for a short time. Finetraders act as intermediaries by acquiring goods at the request of the goods buyer and financing the transaction until the goods buyer pays for it. In this way, businesses can get the goods they need without the burden of upfront costs.

How Does Finetrading Work?

Finetrading works by allowing businesses to outsource their purchasing to finetraders, who then purchase the goods or raw materials on behalf of the business. The finetrader then pre-finances the transaction, providing the business with the working capital it needs to complete its production cycle. Once the goods have been delivered and the transaction is complete, the business pays the finetrader back for the pre-financing.

Why Choose Finetrading?

One of the main benefits of finetrading is that it provides businesses with access to the working capital they need without the need for personal guarantees or fixed costs. Additionally, finetrading allows businesses to focus on their core competencies rather than spending time and resources on purchasing and financing. With finetrading, businesses can get the goods they need quickly and easily, enabling them to maintain their production schedule and meet customer demands.

Myos: a Finetrading solution

What is Myos and How Does it Work for Ecommerce Sellers?

Myos offers an innovative way for merchants to finance their working capital quickly and easily. One option is to use Myos as a finetrading option. Myos only takes the products as collateral, which is beneficial for businesses that need to purchase goods or raw materials for their production. This financing option allows businesses to outsource their purchasing while pre-financing the commercial transaction until the goods buyer pays for it.

With Myos, businesses have the flexibility to repay the funding at any time and only pay a monthly fee on the outstanding capital. The fee depends on the product scoring, so businesses can receive a fair and customized rate. Myos eliminates fixed costs, personal risks, and the need for personal guarantees, making it a beneficial option for businesses seeking flexible and low-risk financing solutions.

Benefits of Using Myos for Finetrading

Another benefit of using Myos is its AI and data-driven financing algorithm. Myos has developed and optimized its algorithm from the perspective of e-commerce sellers. The algorithm uses data to provide businesses with fair and customized financing rates. It is a unique approach to financing that is focused on commercial products and eliminates the need for annuities or personal guarantees. The AI-driven financing algorithm ensures that businesses receive financing rates that are tailored to their individual needs.

Why Myos is a Great Option for Ecommerce Financing

In addition to being a finetrading option, Myos is an excellent option for businesses seeking to finance their working capital. Myos offers a radically new way of financing that is fast, easy, and flexible. With no fixed costs or personal risks, businesses can obtain the financing they need without worrying about long-term commitments. Myos also offers a transparent fee structure, so businesses can see exactly what they will pay for their financing. As a result, businesses can focus on growing their operations and meeting their customers’ needs, rather than worrying about financing their working capital.

Sourcing Products with Wonnda and Financing with Myos

While financing options like Myos and Finetrading can help businesses obtain the working capital they need, it’s equally important to source products from reliable and trusted suppliers. That’s where Wonnda comes in. Wonnda is a B2B platform that connects brands and private label manufacturers/suppliers. With a focus on “Made in Europe” products and a network of trusted and verified suppliers, Wonnda makes it easy for businesses to source products and launch their new product lines.

Its complete software suite streamlines the product launch process, allowing businesses to launch their products faster and cheaper. By combining innovative financing options like Myos with reliable product sourcing from Wonnda, businesses can grow their operations and succeed in the competitive e-commerce market.

Create your product line with Wonnda – the European platform for white-label, private-label, and contract manufacturing

Wonnda is the perfect platform for companies looking to create their European product line. We understand companies’ challenges in product sourcing, and we have a solution for you. Our platform offers white-label, private-label, and contract manufacturing options, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your business needs.

With our partnerships with leading European manufacturers, we can connect you with reliable and experienced producers who can help bring your product ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to create a new product line or want to expand your existing range, our team can assist you in finding the right production partner for your product sourcing project.

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