The good and the bad ingredients for your curly hair

The natural curly hair trend and natural ingredients

For the past years, women and men of all kinds have been following the tendency of embracing their naturally curly hair. People go in the streets rocking their afros and curls and use hair as a way of embracing their identity and expressing themselves.

Along with this tendency, a lot of people who used to straighten and chemically treat their hair are now learning how to take care of their all-natural no-chemicals hair, and there has been a rise in the search for organic ingredients from private label brands that are better for naturally curly hair.

So, what are the best natural ingredients for curly and coily hair?

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a naturally extracted fat from the Shea Tree, a native African tree. It’s edible and used in many recipes, and is very often used for cosmetics such as moisturizers and lotions, because of its natural hydrating properties.

Because of its emollient properties, It’s typically used after showering to seal the moisture and water of other products inside the hair but can also be used for styling or as a hydrating property inside shampoos and conditioners.

curly hair, natural ingredients, private label brand

Aloe Vera

The favorite of Instagram, aloe vera comes from a succulent plant and it has become a very common ingredient that can be used both in its natural form (straight out of the plant) or as an active ingredient inside hair products. It can also be used by mixing some of the gel into shampoos and conditioners.

With consistent use, the benefits can be amazing, as it is highly hydrating and refreshing. It’s also effective to promote hair growth since it contains an active enzyme that improves hair growth with time.

Coconut Oil

curly hair, natural ingredients, private label brand

A very popular organic ingredient among denser textures of hair, Coconut Oil is a perfect emollient that can be used as a moisturizing agent. However, contrary to popular belief, the particles of coconut oil are too big to penetrate the hair when applied from the outside, so it’s used as a seal to keep the moisture and water of other products inside, as well as protect it from pollution and chemicals.

Coconut Oil is abundantly used by C types of hair, that is naturally dry, to help with brushing and styling since it helps the hairbrush to glide along the strands of hair, not damaging it in the process.

What ingredients to avoid when taking care of curly hair

Curly hair is different than straight hair in many ways. While straight hair tends to be oilier and has to be washed more often, curly hair is a lot dryer and can take a lot more moisture inside of it, and it only needs to be washed every few days. Curly-haired people should avoid some ingredients that are made for straight hair and will eventually dry out and damage textured hair types.

Ingredients such as paraben and sulfates are used to kill bacteria and are responsible for the foam and the bubbles that we see when washing our hair, however, when absorbed through the hair and skin, can be drying and harmful. The same goes for alcohol, which is used topically in skin care products for people that suffer from acne and oily skin. Essentially, it’s a drying agent, that can be helpful for many people but shouldn’t be used in big amounts when it comes to curly hair, that is already dry.

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