5 tips to increase your brand visibility

Brand visibility is an essential step of every business plan. After all, how can we expect consumers to buy something or hire a service if they have never heard of it in their life? You have to put your brand out there and make clear to every consumer what they are buying or which service they are hiring.

1. Publish content often and consistently

Social media platforms are a great and cheap way to expand your brand’s visibility, but it’s important to remain consistent with the posting, in order to keep the platform interesting and the audience locked in. Posting can often be a challenge for starting brands, as social media management can often be dismissed as something that can be done on extra time, and brands often miss the opportunity to be seen because of this.

That’s why hiring social media management and valuing a marketing team is important for starting brands. Social media presence and consistent use of the platform help build consumer trust, as it gives the audience something to expect. Not only it helps build a relationship with the audience, but the algorithm of the platforms will eventually catch up on your regular posting and boost your posts more often, as algorithms tend to reward those who post frequently.

2. Buy ads

Buying paid ads on social platforms or search mechanisms is an outbound strategy used broadly to expose your content or your services to the public in order to gain exposure and make more people get to know your services. It can also be used to rank higher up in the search mechanisms, to catch the consumer’s eye before the competitor.

Buying ads can be seen negatively by a consumer, as people do not like to be forced to see things they are not looking for, and they must be used wisely and carefully, always paying attention to not overdo it.

3. Follow the latest trends

As soon as a new trend arises, everyone expects to see that trend replicated everywhere. With the age of social media and technology, trends have been spreading faster than ever, some even becoming a microtrend, with a life cycle of just a few weeks. In order to increase brand visibility on social media, it’s essential to follow the trends and always be aware of what’s happening in the world.

Writing relevant articles, posting videos on TikTok, and updating Instagram and YouTube all of these can be ways to follow the latest trend.

4. Get close to your audience

Building a relationship with your audience can be challenging in the beginning, but it’s a fundamental part of branding. Building brand visibility is much more difficult when you don’t know your audience and their needs and have no idea how to communicate with them. Finding out who your product is for and what your audience looks like should be one of the first steps in your business plan, and everything will become easier after you define that.

Understanding your audience’s behavior and needs will make them feel more understood and consider your brand more relatable, and will increase the brand’s visibility, as people will follow on social media and keep up with your activity on the platforms. Audience feedback and interaction are one of the most important insights your brand will get, straight from the font and as honest as ever, and will help you fix your mistakes and move forward.

5. Use multiple platforms

A multichannel strategy is one of the best ways to communicate to different audiences at the same time and be able to cater to all of their different needs with different languages of communication. Every platform tends to concentrate on a specific type of audience, and using multiple social media platforms can be the best way to communicate different sides of your brand.

In the beginning, social media management can be time demanding, and hard to keep multiple platforms constantly updated, especially when you don’t have the funds to hire someone to take care of this full-time. Maybe the best way to start is to focus on one platform and build an audience from there.

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