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Creating a successful private label essential oil line demands a manufacturer that provides superior quality, adheres to industry standards, and offers competitive pricing. Wonnda streamlines this process by presenting a curated list of essential oil manufacturers that have been pre-screened for quality and compliance.

Special treatments with aromatic oils. Lilac aromatic oils. Homemade Products of flowers.
Special treatments with aromatic oils. Lilac aromatic oils. Homemade Products of flowers.
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Our manufacturers are experts in producing a wide variety of private label essential oils, including single-note oils, blends, and therapeutic-grade options. Whether you’re launching a unique product or enhancing an existing one, our manufacturers can help you develop a private label essential oil line that sets your brand apart. With Wonnda, your vision becomes reality.

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What is private label?

Private label products are made by one company but sold under another company’s brand name. This allows brands to sell unique products without investing in manufacturing. Retailers often use private labels to offer exclusive items at competitive prices, while manufacturers benefit from consistent orders from their brand partners.

What are private label essential oils?

Private label essential oils are oils made by a manufacturer but branded and sold by another company. Businesses in sectors like health and beauty use this to offer essential oils under their own labels. These oils can be various types, such as lavender or peppermint. By choosing private label oils, companies can broaden their product range with custom blends or specific scents that fit their brand identity and meet customer needs.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They are gaining popularity in the modern world for their ability to promote wellness and balance in the mind and body.

These highly concentrated plant extracts are not only a natural and safe alternative to synthetic products, but they also offer a variety of uses. They can be easily incorporated into a daily routine

3 Reasons to launch private label essential oils

Aromatherapy Benefits: Essential oils are great for aromatherapy, helping with physical and emotional health. When people breathe them in, they work fast, helping with things like stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. This makes them attractive to customers who want natural ways to feel better.

Profit Potential: Selling essential oils can be very profitable. They have big profit margins because more people want natural, high-quality products these days. By offering different kinds of oils and your own special blends, you can stand out in the market and attract customers who are looking for natural health products, which can really boost your profits.

Versatility in Use: Essential oils can be used in many ways, like in aromatherapy, on the skin, in DIY beauty and wellness products, and even as natural cleaning products for the home. This means you can reach a wide range of customers with different needs, making your products more appealing and possibly increasing your sales. Essential oils are a great choice for your product line because they offer something for everyone who’s interested in a natural and healthy lifestyle.

How do I find a private label essential oils manufacturer?

Finding a private label essential oils manufacturer involves a few steps, and platforms like Wonnda can significantly simplify this process:

Use Wonnda: Platforms like Wonnda specialize in connecting businesses with manufacturers. On Wonnda, you can find a curated list of vetted essential oil manufacturers offering private label services. This platform makes it easier to find and collaborate with a suitable manufacturer that meets your specific requirements for quality, certification, and customization.

Industry Trade Shows and Events: Attend trade shows and industry events related to essential oils and natural products. These events provide opportunities to meet manufacturers, learn about their products, and network.

Referrals: Ask for referrals from other businesses in your network that have used private label services. Personal recommendations can lead to trustworthy and proven manufacturers.

How Wonnda Works

Wonnda is the digital platform for private label & contract manufacturing in Europe

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Everything you need to know about Wonnda

Wonnda is a digital sourcing platform that allows brands to discover products and find the right supplier for your next bestseller. Instead of spending thousands of Euros on trade shows, or hours searching online for good suppliers, Wonnda works with verified suppliers and gives you access to them 365 days a year.

Thanks to a huge network of factories and sourcing experts, Wonnda is able to cover almost any consumer product category. Just create your free Wonnda account and find the best private label suppliers & contract manufacturers for your brand.

The sourcing process on Wonnda is designed to be seamless and efficient. Once you join our platform and create your brand profile, you can begin searching for manufacturers that align with your product requirements. Our advanced search filters allow you to narrow down your options based on location, production capacity, certifications, and more. You can review detailed manufacturer profiles, including information about their capabilities, product catalogs, certifications, and customer reviews. If you find a manufacturer that interests you, you can initiate contact through our secure messaging system to discuss your project further, request samples, and negotiate pricing and terms. Wonnda facilitates the entire communication process, making it easy for you to collaborate with manufacturers, evaluate their suitability, and make informed decisions. Our goal is to simplify the sourcing journey and ensure a successful partnership between brands and manufacturers.

Wonnda offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for brands seeking European manufacturers for their product line. By choosing Wonnda, you gain access to a vast network of verified and reliable private label manufacturers/suppliers. We carefully curate our database to ensure that only high-quality manufacturers who meet European standards are included. Our platform streamlines the sourcing process, saving you time and effort by providing a one-stop digital solution.

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