Hi, I am Oliver Allmoslechner, the co-founder of wonnda.com

We are the new platform for the private label industry

Get new customers, requests and tenders from growing brands, show your product portfolio and manage projects fully digitally.

Get requests or participate in RFQs

Efficient communication

Keep track of all your client projects

Do you have questions? We are always happy to answer everything you want to know.

Wonnda is used by the next generation of consumer brands. We work with growing e-commerce startups, influencers but also established retailers, who want to launch their own product line.

Please book a demo with us via this link. We will review your application and once approved, you will get access to our platform and sell your manufacturing services to our clients.

We have several packages available that we fit to your needs. Memberships start at EUR 99,00.

We are carefully curating our manufacturing partners. In order to join wonnda, your production facilities need to be located in Europe (non-EU is also fine). You need to commit to highest manufacturing quality standards. 

Join the European private label revolution