Top 5 Vitamin and Supplement Trends of 2023

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements come in various shapes and sizes. They are taken orally to improve the health and look of skin, hair, or nails. Their purpose is to give your body the necessary tools to make you look as refreshed as possible. They are absorbed by the bloodstream and carried to the deepest layer of the skin.

As people care more for their well-being and health, the use of beauty supplements has risen and is now a promising market for the future. How about learning a little more about the best vitamin and supplement trends of 2023?

1. Collagen

Collagen is a protein that composes the main structural foundations of our skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. Our body contains more collagen than any other protein, making up 75% of our skin’s support structure. Research suggests that certain types of collagen improve the appearance of the skin, especially aging skin increasing skin elasticity and helping it to hold onto moisture and improve the density of collagen fibers within the skin. Collagen is also said to increase hair density as well as nail growth.

2. Hydration supplements

Hydration is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Hydrating yourself is not only important to ensure the healthy functioning of the organism, but it’s also essential to regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, prevent skin inflammation, and assure the normal functioning of the cells and organs. Drinking water also improves the quality of life, makes sleeping easier, and assists our cognitive decisions.

Hydration supplements are becoming more present in the market daily. People look for ways to keep themselves hydrated more efficiently, as not everyone has the time to drink 2 liters of water daily. Being expected to drink this much water can be overwhelming, and supplements such as hydration pods or sports drinks can help with the daily water intake and ensure we drink enough electrolytes.

3. Gummies

Taking a pill every day or multiple times a day or integrating an ingredient in our diet can be challenging, especially for people with busy routines who have difficulty remembering to take medications or adding steps to their daily routine. That’s why gummy-shaped vitamins can be the best form to remember to take our daily supplement. Eating a tasty and soft candy is a much more pleasant experience than taking a whole pill every day.

These kinds of supplements can be taken anywhere you go, easily stored in your work bag, and taken as a treat after a meal, and you can help your body to be healthy and function better without much effort.

4. Vegan supplements

As more people adopt veganism and vegetarianism as a strong part of their lifestyle, brands are forced to adapt to the movement and provide vegan and vegetarian versions of their products. This is great for the environment and the industry as well, as non-vegan people can still consume vegan supplements without compromising the whole lifestyle, making it easier for brands to produce the supplement.

5. Protein

Protein is the most abundant macromolecule present in the human body, constituting around half of the weight of the cells. This molecule is responsible mostly for supporting and building the structure of the cells. It acts as a structural component that supports most parts of our hair, nails, muscles, bones, and many other body parts and plays an important part in cell management, having a great influence on the structural formation of the cells. It is easily found in animal and plant-based products, and all the daily supplies can be obtained by a balanced diet.

However, supplementing your diet with protein is essential if your goal is to build muscle and achieve a leaner and stronger physique. As protein plays an important part in the regeneration of cells, you’re not giving your body the fuel it needs to regenerate those cells and grow muscle by not consuming enough protein. Protein can come in many shapes and sizes, such as powders, pills, drinks, or snacks, and it can be a great product to start your product line with.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article does not represent the health advice offered by Wonnda. All information is based on external sources, and Wonnda does not guarantee the complete accuracy of the information represented. If you are interested in obtaining further information, we ask you to contact your local health authority.

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