Private Label Trade Shows in 2023 to not miss out on

Private label trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to connect with other companies in your industry and expand your network. This article will present a list of private label trade shows that will take place in 2023, which you should definitely not miss out on!

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Before we list some of the biggest trade shows in Europe in 2023, let’s quickly go back to the definitions of private label, white label, and contract manufacturing.

Private Label

A private label corresponds to a manufacturer that creates customized products for third parties to sell under their brand. In other words, the manufacturer gives you the freedom to choose the formula, customization, or design of the product they manufacture for your brand. This personalized product will be sold exclusively by this retailer/re-seller who ordered the product. You get ease in the production while being able to do minor customizations in your packaging and formula.

Private label production is the best of both worlds. You get the ease of producing a “generic” product, with the option to make customizations and to make your product unique. In other words, the machinery for the production is already set, making it easier and faster to produce and giving lower minimum order quantities while allowing you to personalize some aspects of the product.

White Label

White-label production is the cheapest kind of production, but also the easiest. In this process, all the necessary machinery is already set for production, and no customizations need to be made, making it so that the production is a lot faster than a private label or contract manufacturing.

If you are a beginner and don’t have a huge budget, search into white labelling production for generic packaging that is only missing the branding. Private labels and white labels can be similar but there are key differences between them.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing has the highest cost and a longer production-phase time since all the production line is completely individualized for that one product.

The production time depends on the kind of product and can take up to a year. This is the most expensive option, and most of the time, the product you want to launch doesn’t need that much customization and can be made cheaper through another kind of production.

List of 3 Biggest Trade Shows in Europe

  1. PLMA’s Annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show
  2. ExCeL London – White Label World Expo
  3. Labelexpo Europe

PLMA’s Annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show

PLMA’s Annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show will take place in Amsterdam from the 23rd to the 24th of May, 2023. The show brings manufacturers and retailers together to help them discover new products, contacts, etc. The international trade show is also an exceptional opportunity for private label brands to expand their network and grow.

PLMA's world of private label

Products that will be presented consist mostly of food; fresh and frozen food, dry food, as well as beverages.

Other product categories consist of household and kitchen appliances, cosmetics and beauty products, health products, and much more. You can register to visit this international trade show here!

ExCeL London – White Label World Expo

white label expo

White Label World Expo – UK is set out to cover and present a considerable amount of retail, eCommerce, and supply and sale industries.

White Label Expo takes place in various locations; however, in 2023, it will take place in London, from the 28th of February until the 1st of March.

White Label Expo’s schedule consists of introducing a networking area, masterclasses, and meeting experts across various industries. The White Label Expo will also introduce masterclasses for those willing to further their knowledge within their selected industry.

If you want to expand your network of connections or take your business and entrepreneurship to a next level, make sure to sign up here!

Labelexpo Europe 2023

Labelexpo Europe is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the label and package printing industry. Even though it is not directly connected to private and white labels, it is still an amazing opportunity for companies to connect and exchange ideas.

Labelexpo Europe will take place in Brussels, from 11th until 14th of September. Brand owners, label and packaging designers and industry suppliers are encouraged to visit to network, connect, introduce and share new ideas.

If you are interested in attending the Labelexpo Europe 2023, make sure to sign up here!

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