New fantastic skincare line in 6 steps: How to guide

Skincare line products have been on the rise in the recent several years. This article will serve as a guide through some of the most critical steps you should follow when you decide to launch your skincare line, but we will also elaborate on why it is a good idea to start your own business in the skincare industry!

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Take advantage of the skincare market boom

In the last several years, the skincare and overall beauty industries have seen an expansion boom. Interestingly enough, the global skincare market is to be valued at 200 billion $ by 2026. Social media, such as TikTok and Instagram have surely contributed to this projected and constant value rise.

Numerous creators and influencers decide to dedicate their full time to creating content directly related to skincare or even to advertising and showcasing their skincare brands. Due to the constant rise in demand for skincare products, the supply needs to catch up as well. If you want to join this trend and the market that offers a lot of opportunities, it is time for you to curate and launch your brand. Now, let’s ho through some of the crucial steps of launching your own company.

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Select your niche market

We need to take into consideration that the beauty industry, and within it, the skincare industry, are huge. They include everything from sunscreen to makeup, cremes, self-tanning products and various other products. If you want to start slowly but surely, the best way to go about it is to find a niche market and target audience for your products.

The niche market can consist of a particular age group you are targeting; for example, skincare for people over 45 years of age. On the other hand, the niche market can also be that your line consists solely of moisturizers.

It is important to think about what kind of products you want to sell, and then you need to think about how to differentiate your product from your competitors, in order to show your customers what your USP unique selling point (USP) is.

Some examples of niche skincare lines:

  • luxury skincare
  • exfoliators
  • for mature skin
  • vegan and eco-friendly skincare

There are numerous ways in which you can stand out and differentiate yourself from others, and these are just some of the examples.

Hero Product

Once launching your product line, you need a specific item that will grab the attention of your consumers. Something that will stand out in the product line, but also something that will differentiate you from your competitors.

For example, if you launch a body care line, your hero product can become a moisturizer that helps extra dry skin and even has an SPF factor of 50. This is just an example out of all of the possibilities you, as a brand owner, have.

Finding the right manufacturer

To be sure you are offering only the best products to your consumers, it’s imperative to have a manufacturer that understands the product you want to sell and is up to standards.

It is also essential to know that both you and the manufacturer are collaborating to establish a long-term relationship in terms of production, so it’s vital to set a good connection from the first contact onwards.

At Wonnda, we work with top European producers for private labelling and contract manufacturing. The first step in getting your product to the market is the most crucial one – finding the proper manufacturer for your product. The great advantage of Wonnda is that you can let us do the tedious and time-consuming work because all you need to do is let us know what exactly is it that you are looking for.

Tell us quickly about your project or product idea, and we will then approach the most suitable manufacturers for your project and connect you with them.

Sounds like something that is of interest to you? Then fill out the form or send us an email with your desired product, and our team will get back to you! Now let us move on to the next step of having a social media presence.

Virtual Presence

It is crucial for every business, no matter what you are producing and selling, to have a virtual and, more specifically, a social media presence, from Facebook and Instagram to TikTok.

Having a well-established website, along with connected profiles across social media is extremely important. It shows the consumer that you, as a brand, are transparent, and it also gives them an overview of the products you have to offer.

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Selling your products

Last but not least, after going through some of the fundamentals, the final step is to start selling your products and continuously grow and expand your business.

With that in mind, we should note another fantastic thing: through Wonnda, you can also launch your products and new lines. So make sure to contact us at Wonnda for any questions you might have.

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