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If you are an entrepreneur, creator or retailer and have made the decision to either start your own business by selling your own private label products or are looking to diversify your existing assortment with new private label products, one of the most important steps to make your business a success is product manufacturing. In most cases you will not have the resources and capabilities to manufacture the product yourself so you will have to outsource this process. 

Finding the right product manufacturing partner for your project is not the easiest part of starting a business, as it entails a lot of different aspects to keep in mind. In order to make sure the products you want to sell will be exactly how you envisioned them to be, you need to find the right manufacturing partner that matches your requirements. Let’s have a look at how to find the right manufacturing partner to ensure hassle-free product manufacturing for your private label products. 

Overseas or domestic production? 

In the first step, it is crucial to decide whether you want a product manufacturing partner overseas or domestic. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but eventually, it depends on your preferences. Generally, there is a common misconception that in order to have your products manufactured you need to go overseas, to Asia for example, to manage the costs. However, this is not always the best choice.

According to HitHorizons there are more than 2 million manufacturing companies in Europe. Choosing a domestic production partner in Europe for example, might open up different opportunities and benefits. Such as being in more or less the same time zone as your product manufacturing partner, shorter delivery times, or saving expensive shipping and customs fees.

Maybe you would even be curious to visit the production site which would be closer domestically than overseas. If you are interested in finding a product manufacturing partner based in Europe, here at wonnda we work with top European producers for private labeling and contract manufacturing.

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Get the details down 

Manufacturers often have set minimum order quantities and sample prices so it is important to consider this when looking for a product manufacturing partner. Keep in mind when you need your order to be delivered to make sure your production partner can match your timeframe. Don’t forget to consider shipping times and which shipping options the manufacturer offers. Another important aspect to consider is which payment option is the right one for your business. In many cases the manufacturer requires some sort of a pre-payment prior the production process gets initiated. Mostly, the second payment is due once the product has been shipped. However, there are manufacturers who allow more customer-friendly payment terms, so you have a better cashflow management. At Wonnda we offer an out of the box payment solution, where payments flow fully transparently and digitally within your project management.


As there is a huge amount of various manufacturers out there it is important that you dive in and do extensive research before you make a decision. There are even manufacturers who might not have a website which makes them difficult to find and reach. A popular option is to visit trade journals and fairs to find manufacturers. If these options to find your product manufacturing partner seem like a hassle, let us help you!

With wonnda you can simply let us do the heavy lifting. We have found the best European manufacturers for private labelling and contract manufacturing and will connect you with the most suitable producers for your project. You can skip the overwhelming google searches and trade fairs and find a perfect match hassle-free and as easy as possible through wonnda. 

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Order samples and compare offers

Many manufacturers offer you that they send you samples first before you actually have to make a decision. Ordering samples from a private label manufacturer is a crucial part to understand the product quality and check if the features are met as you expect them to be. You might ask yourself how much it costs to order product samples for your private label manufacturing project. This really depends on the manufacturer and whether they have this process streamlined manually or not. At wonnda you can request samples directly within the platform.

Set up a contract

Once you have found the right product manufacturing partner for your product, it is time to set up a contract where you specify the conditions of your manufacturing agreement. With wonnda you and your product manufacturing partner have the opportunity to create a contract fully digitally within your project dashboard, store and view your contract in one place afterwards. This is important to ensure that you and your manufacturing partner are on the same page and there will not be any misunderstandings to avoid mistakes or issues in the manufacturing process. 

Ongoing communication 

Throughout this partnership and the whole production process ensuring smooth communication is key. Whether you need to make changes to the production volume, packaging, or design of the product or your manufacturing partner has any questions regarding the products, being able to solve these things saves time and prevents trouble.

Find European manufacturers for private and white label with wonnda
In your wonnda project management you interact with the manufacturer and other stakeholders in a slick and easy way. Signup for free to get access, find manufacturers and launch your product.

From experience, we at wonnda know that communication can sometimes be an issue and have therefore made it our mission to enable smooth communication between creators and manufacturers on our platform. All the information you and your manufacturing partner share with each other or any questions you might have, can be solved and stored for later reference in one place. 

Find your perfect match with wonnda

Are you looking for a product manufacturing partner for your private label products but the whole process seems overwhelming to you? We at wonnda are here to help! Just tell us quickly about your project or product idea. We will then approach the most suitable producers for your project and connect you with them. Sounds interesting? Then just fill out the form or send us an email with your desired product.

Create your next product line with Wonnda

Our platform lets you source, launch, and scale your product line with over 250 trusted European suppliers. So whether you’re looking to request products from our private label catalog of over 1,500 items or develop custom products from scratch, Wonnda has everything you need to get started. Best of all, it’s free to start today!

Set up your account in less than 3 minutes and begin your journey with Wonnda. Unlock endless possibilities for your business, bring new products to market and streamline your sourcing process from idea to launch on one single platform.

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