Importance of food labels for your brand: 5 important labels to always include

One of the most important rules and regulations for food production concerns implementing food labels. Here are five essential labels that should always be mentioned on your food products.

Name of the food

For your product to not be misleading or a false representation, the food name should be mentioned clearly. On the other hand, if consumers notice false declarations or find the product misleading, this can cause issues for your business and harm it.

Ingredients list

To be completely transparent with your consumers, you need to include an ingredients list. The ingredient list should contain everything that was used in the production of your food product, including the weight of ingredients and possible allergens.

Ingredient percentage

Ingredient percentage is vital once you emphasise a certain aspect of your product. For example, if you emphasise the banana ingredient in your ready-to-drink smoothie, it should state what percentage of banana the smoothie contains.

A bottle is used for packing orange juice with oranges. food labels

Best before dates

Different food products have different shell life; therefore, it is essential to always have a “use by” or “best before” dates mentioned. Aside from making sure that you have informed your consumers of the shelf life of the product, it is also a safety measure. For example, milk, once opened, cannot be consumed for the next month, or it can cause certain harmful consequences.

Country of origin and manufacturing

Country of origin and country of manufacturing should both be mentioned on your food labels. If, for example, you sourced your main ingredients from one country but manufactured the product in a different country, both should be mentioned. This shows the consumers that the brand is transparent in its sourcing and manufacturing process, and it also shows how the company is adhering to necessary rules and regulations.

Next steps

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