Being a Vegan: 5 Common Misconceptions

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In recent years, veganism has seen a rise in popularity as a diet and a way of life. Some people decide to practice a vegan lifestyle as a health choice, while others choose to practice veganism to participate in the trend of lower meat consumption. Unfortunately, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding veganism and the vegan lifestyle, and here are the top 5 myths that have been debunked.

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Being a Vegan: 5 Common Misconceptions 4

Myth 1: Vegetarianism and veganism are the same

Thinking veganism and vegetarianism are the same is a common misconception about the two diets, and they often get mixed up. Vegetarians do not consume meat; however, they still consume dairy products, eggs and other products that originate from an animal source. On the other hand, people who practice a vegan diet do not consume food that contains any animal product, and vegan food is strictly plant-based. Some vegans even practice a raw plant-based diet, where they consume nothing but raw vegetables and fruit.

Myth 2: As a vegan, you do not get enough protein

It is true that meat is the primary source of protein for many; however, meat is not the only food that contains protein. Plant-based food that is rich in protein includes lentils, tofu, broccoli, chickpeas, beans, spinach and many more. The quantities of protein in the abovementioned food do differ; therefore, it is advised that the protein-rich food is combined and eaten on a daily basis in order to ensure all nutrients are consumed properly.

Myth 3: Veganism leads to malnutrition

It is important to understand that any diet, if not appropriately regulated, can lead to malnutrition, which is quite dangerous. A vegan diet is an entirely different lifestyle from what people usually practice or from what they are used to. This can often lead to people having misconceptions about vegan food and what it means to practice this diet. However, it is important to mention that vegans tend to take exceptional care of how and what kind of food they consume to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of their bodies.

Myth 4: Vegan lifestyle is too difficult to maintain

Veganism is more than a diet; it is a lifestyle. Changing one’s lifestyle from the core can be extremely challenging; however, if you are determined, you can make it work. Furthermore, vegan food, and vegan pre-made food, have seen a huge rise in popularity, thus making them more readily available for everyone. Therefore, it is not difficult to sustain a vegan lifestyle because vegan options are available everywhere in stores and in most restaurants, it is more a matter of getting used to it.

Myth 5: Vegan lifestyle is costly

As was mentioned, vegan alternatives and vegan substitutes have seen a considerable rise in popularity. Vegan products are available in food stores and restaurants, but they are also available in the cosmetics industry. Considering so many vegan options are available, the price of such products has also decreased, thus not making it extremely expensive for people to purchase dairy and meat substitutes.

Now that we have debunked some of the misconceptions surrounding veganism and the vegan lifestyle, you might have come up with an idea of how to elevate your brand through private label or contract manufacturing with vegan food and plant-based products.

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