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Wonnda for your private label pet products

Wonnda is the collaborative marketplace where the consumer brands of tomorrow build their products. Acting as the operating system for your own product line, we work together with the best manufacturers in Europe to enable you to find and launch your next best-seller product. We do that by having a private and white label catalogue with more than 1000 possible products. If you are looking for a contract manufacturer, who can produce your own formula, design or completely customised product, we are also here to help. In our internal database of more than 600 European contract manufacturers in all different verticals (cosmetics, beauty, health, food, accessories, pets, etc.), we are sure we find the right manufacturer for your product idea.

On top of finding the right products, wonnda offers you an out-of-the-box project collaboration tool where you can manage all your products and projects. The ability to track the project status of every new product, directly pay digitally and book external services like designers, lawyers or fulfilment partners makes wonnda your launchpad for creating your next best-seller.

Wonnda was built for the next generation of consumer brands, such as D2C brands, startups, e-commerce companies, influencers and any retailer who wants to level up their product offering by having their own product line. You can find more information about the wonnda platform and how to launch your own product line here.

Private label product ideas for your pet products

  • Black Cumin Oil For Pets
  • Brewer‘s Yeast Pet Powder
  • Cbd Pet Oil
  • Cod Liver Oil For Pets
  • Eggshell Pet Powder
  • Hemp Oil For Pets
  • Hydrating Pet Shampoo And Conditioner
  • Linseed Oil For Pets
  • Mineral Pet Powder
  • Moisturizing Pet Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Pet Shampoo + Conditioner For Puppies & Kitten
  • Rosehip Peels Pet Powder
  • Salmon Oil For Pets
  • Sensitive Pet Feed
  • Spirulina For Pets
  • Pet Bad Smell Dental Chew
  • Pet Food Topping

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